Batam Golden View Hotel : AMKCMC Church Camp 2011


Hello everyone, finally a post from Gustatory Explorer, you might say. I temporarily stopped posting initially because I left for my church camp, at Batam. It felt great putting everything aside (well, I did bring some school work but I only did a little) and just relax and recharge myself.

However, once I was back at home, reality sank in that my school holidays were coming to an end and yet not even half of my homework is done. Thus, the remainder of my holiday was spent on homework and revision; no time to update my blog. And it has only been 5 days of school from the start of school on Monday and I'm already getting a little overwhelmed by it.


Well, there's your reason for my absence. Coming back to the topic, we stayed at Golden View Hotel in Batam. The four-star hotel was neatly furbished with facilities such as swimming pool, gym and a few pool tables at the hotel lobby. Wifi is provided at the lobby too. Restaurants such as 555 Golden Prawn and 933 Golden Prawn Restaurant are a stone throw away from the hotel which makes meals pretty convenient. (I ate at 555 Golden Prawn and a few other places, will blog about them in separate posts)

I would recommend staying at this hotel if you're visiting Batam. It's roughly a 20mins drive from the ferry terminal to the hotel. However, one thing I would want to highlight is the rooms. My room was felt a little small and squeezy while my friends' room felt spacious and nice. It was the difference in the height of the ceiling that gave that overall feel I suspect.

A sneak peak at my friends' room:

A decent room with two beds and a toilet.

The toilet was a little small but not too bad.

The view from the room. - Great location to watch the sunrise if you are keen on sunrises!

That's all for the hotel. I shall end off with one of the most beautiful creations by God that I woke up to watch with a few others everyday.



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Haha Nigel you still wanna sleep at our room?

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