Durians : One man's treasure is another man's poison?


Durians; It's a love or hate thing.

I faithfully declare that I belong to the former; I love durians.

It's really a love or hate thing with durians. I've ever heard them being described as "completely rotten, mushy onions." on tv, by Chef Andrew Zimmern - host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He has certainly tasted some of the weirdest things on earth yet, when it came to durians, it was too much for him. 'What a waste,' I would say. It never fails to make me to crave for them, even when you have ulcers, at the risk of being too 'heaty' or overeating them previously. It's edible, creamy, lucious gold.


My aunt just bought a bag of them back from Malaysia but I'm gessing they'll only last a maximum of three days before they're all devoured by us heh.


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