Microwave An Egg: Cook An Egg Under A Minute

Off to work or school and time is not on your side? Late, late, late but you know you've got to have some eggs for breakfast, yet it's impossible to cook an egg lightning fast using the conventional methods of boiling or frying. Don't worry, there's a way when there's a will; Go the unconventional way - microwave! It might sound strange, absurd or even dangerous to some, but not to worry, this is tested and proven and I live to share the joy.

Cautious parents, rest assure, the cases of exploding eggs you've heard are probably of hard boiled eggs being microwaved without being pierced. Thus, the pressure builds up in the egg and it explodes. Short bursts of microwave time, in this recipe, will put your mind at ease after you've tried it once or twice.(:

Eggs are nutritious, a good source of proteins and omega 3, simple and delicious. In simple words, eggs are good for you. So have one or two to start your day off with, but do remember that the daily limit for a normal person is around 2-3 eggs per days - the yolks are all too generous with their contribution of cholesterol!

Microwave Egg


1. Crack your egg into a porcelain bowl. (not a plastic bowl!)
2. Microwave for around 20s and stop.
After 20s in the mircowave

3. You'll find the sides are a little cooked now. Using a small spoon coax the cooked sides into the centre. This is done so that your whole egg will be cooked properly, not just the sides.
4. Microwave twice, 15s each time.* The egg is cooked. (Stop earlier if you're into half boiled eggs like I do.)
Half microwaved eggs

5. Served egg with bread or eat on its own. You're off to a good start now!

*Stop once you hear 2 'pop' sounds, you are most likely done already.


Nigel Yeo said...

Hey Roxanne,

Thanks! Yup, a very fast and simple way to get your eggs craving satisfied if you ever have one! (:

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