Exams & Tests Preparation Tips: Work Hard And Eat Smart!

Almost a decade of education and counting, it's been an adventure in the pursuit for knowledge, social and life skills and friends and it's not the end. Learning has and will, I believe, always be a lifelong process.

10 years of education is a must for every Singaporean and it all comes down to little tests and major exams to determine how much we have learned. Though it is not necessarily the best indicator - many students will be nodding their heads in approval - but that Singapore's education in a nutshell for you.

So okay, to cut things short before anyone of you starts to yawn. Pre-examinations preparation is important, almost essential; allowing your body's immune system to malfunction before any exams, especially the major ones ain't gonna do you any good.

*Disclaimer : This is not a 100% A1 study guide or anything close to that. I just thought since it's so close to the major exams, I'll just share of my exam tips based on my reads on internets, tips for teachers, friends and churchmates. This list is definitely not the most comprehensive guide you can find or most complete list of advices and tips, but I'll update this on a regular basis once I find something worth sharing with all of you.

As quoted, 'Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. As a result, genius is often a talented person who has simply done all of his homework.' Thomas Edison. It still comes down to hardwork if you want to achieve those good grades, this is just to help you with your 1% of inspiration!

Below are some tips on what you should be eating/munching on and doing pre exam.

Foods that your diet should consist of :

• Nuts, particularly almondswalnuts and hazelnuts - Nuts are great brain boosters. Walnuts, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid DHA - the major polyunsaturated fatty acid found in the brain - can improve brain function and mood. While almonds and hazelnuts are packed full of vitamin E, which helps to improve brain power. Hence, daily intake of nuts will lead to better grades. So nut lovers, you can go nuts over nuts now!

• Fruits such as berries and avocado - Avocado contains the healthy fats - monounsaturated fat - in them help the blood to circulate better, which is essential for optimal brain function. If you can get your hands on some berries like blueberries, cranberries and others, go wild for them simply because they shown to improve learning ability and motor skills in rats, and they are one of the most powerful anti-stress foods you 
can eat.
• Fish, especially salmon, tuna and sardines - Hate nuts, but desperate for an alternate source of omega-3 fatty acids? Thank God for fish, because they are your answer. 'Oily' fishes like salmon, tuna and sardines contains a substantial amount of omega-3 fatty acids in them, which will do your brain good. However, try to avoid fishes like swordfish, shark or king mackerel because they are high in mercury which is bad for health.

• Eggs - Scrambled, hard boiled, half boiled, fried, cook it any way you like and enjoy them for a hearty breakfast. They contain choline, the 'vitamin-B' like substance that our body needs, and it helps to improve our brain's memory. Do take note that it's found in the egg's yolk and not the whites, but the yolk are high in cholesterol so moderation is key! 2 eggs per day is the daily intake recommendation.

Trail Mix - Trail mixes are basically a ziplock bag full of nuts, dried fruits, oats and others, depending on your own personal preferences, and it makes a good snack during your study time. You can easily conjure your own with the recommended food items above, like nuts, dried berries, oats etcs. Be sure to cut down on the salt and sugar; buy baked and unsalted nuts and pure dried fruits!

Other nitty gritty things to take note of :

• Exercise regularly - Regular exercise is beneficial to all and exams are no excuse to stop them but instead, it's the time where you should do more! Exercise is an excellent way of releasing stress, boosting your immune system and will help to enhance your focus on the books. This will ensure that you do not fall sick easily with the stress build up and give germs an easy entry. You can play your favourite sport, go cycling, jogging or just about anything that keeps you active for at least 30mins.

• Be constant with your revision and turn off all distractions - Distractions can come in all forms nowadays - mobile phones, computers, iPads, music etc. Turn these off or stay away from them if you know you can't stand in the face of temptation. Be focus and clear about what you really want to achieve. Good grades or play? Don't allow yourself to go off track, take a 5 mins break for every 30 mins of studying if need be. Pray before you start your revision, if you are a Christian like me, God will help to keep you focus and on track.

• Power naps - Power naps are not naps; they are short, 15 mins rests. The optimum time for a power is - according to the internet - 10-15 mins and if you tend to fall into a slumber for an hour, it'll make you even more tired. So set an alarm or get someone to wake you up if you tend to over sleep!

In short : study hard, eat smart, focus, and you will be able to obtain the results that you want! All the best, jiayou!

And if you are reading this, I just want to say a little prayer for you:

'Dear Jesus, as the time approaches for us to take our major exams, our nerves may be wrecked, we may feel insecure and a storm might be brewing inside our hearts, but let us take heart and keep faith in you Lord. Guide us throughout this journey as we trust in you that you'll be with us, give us the clarity of mind and the peace we need as we prepare and take each exam. Let us live in your grace and faithfulness daily. May all the glory go unto you Lord, thank you Jesus. In Jesus' most precious name I pray, Amen.'

All the best and here's a little verse of encouragement : The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. - Deuteronomy 31:8

God bless.


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