Kay Fiery Grill Express : Tender And Juicy Chicken Chop

Situated within the same coffeeshop as the famous TipTop Curry Puff - and a few other famous stalls - is the Kay Fiery Grill Express. The coffeeshop is not very prominent but it's located right next to the Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic.

I was craving for western food all of sudden that night and being the only western food stall in the coffeshop, I decided to give this stall a go.

They do not have a very extensive menu here, offering the usual western food dishes here such as chicken chops, pork chop, steaks and etc. They categorize their dishes under three main categories: main with fried rice, main with spaghetti and main with side dishes.

You don't get to select your sides dishes; Everyone is served french fries, baked beans and coleslaw.

I was feeling a little adventurous and ordered the lamb loin with rosemary ($9.90). It was a disappointment; I ordered medium rare but the lamb loins came out well done and a little tough at some parts. You don't expect top quality lamb loins here but neither do I recommend you trying it here.

The sides dishes were average and the coleslaw was too sweet.

My mom's chicken chop was the real treat that night. The chicken, though a little small and doesn't exactly have the best presentation in the world, was grilled to perfection. The chicken may appear a little charred and dry here in the photo, but it oh so tender and juicy. I strongly recommend you trying their chicken chop if you are craving for one any day, it does the chicken justice.

Do you know of any superb western stalls that are situated within coffeshops or hawker centres but ain't receiving the attention they deserve? Please leave a comment at the below if you do, thank you.

Kay Fiery Grill Express
Hiap Hwa Coffee Shop
Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
#01-2843 (S)560722


gaffie said...

Have you tried Rasa Sayang at the S11 nearby? Its pretty good! But might have to wait a while during busy periods.

nigeleats said...

Hey gaffie,

Yup I was looking up the web and wanted to try that too at night but my mom didn't want to go to S11 that night so we ended up trying this! I will definitely try that soon, any recommendations there?

gaffie said...

Rasa Sayang Western Food's Fish and Chips and Chicken Cutlet are pretty good. The Penang store beside it also serves good Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee and Lor Mee.


nigeleats said...

okay, will go down to try them when I can. thanks. (:

cheers mate

Anonymous said...

I had the cheese fries ($3.50) when I was there. Absolutely horrible! Definitely not worth the money. For the same price, I would rather travel to KFC for their cheese fries. At least Sanders knows what quality is.

nigeleats said...

oh, where's this Sanders you are talking about?

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