Forty Hands Cafe: Coffee And Brunch

Having a meal in between breakfast and lunch - brunch - because you wake up late, feeling famished and feeling lost on how to spend your time so filling up your tummy becomes the utmost priority. Furthermore, as if that isn't enough, I had it on a weekday with a classmate. #likeaboss
Coffee, dim lighting and big menus pinned on the wall are some of the things available at Forty Hands cafe. Located at Tiong Bahru, this place is a getaway from the crowds during off peak hours but be warned, it can get quite packed and noisy during the weekends and meal times here.

Gotta love the big pin up menus. Oh, and there's free wifi here as well so you can use it to your heart's content.
We tasted the sandwiches and between the Jamaican Pork (above) and the Mediterranean Lamb, my friend liked the Jamaican Pork better. I, however, think that both are on par.

The Jamaican Pork was sweet and tangy with a slice of mango and a mix of pulled pork, raisins, cheese and plum chutney between two slices of toast. The Mediterranean Lamb, on the other hand, had a very distinct taste of herbs and spices, with a mix of fetta cheese, minced lamb, basil, tomato and olives. None were fabulous in taste, but they will suffice for a small brunch.
Their coffee was nice and robust, a cup of latte for me and a cup of mocha for my friend.

All in all, a nice place to be at during the off peak hours for some peace and time out. But I wouldn't stick around long during meal times because it really does get a little too noisy for me.

Have you been to this cafe? What would you recommend here? Is there other cafes around Tiong Bahru area that you would recommend as well? Do leave a comment on the below to share with me, thank you.


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you passed on their tau sar buns?

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