Roaming Italy : Milan, Florence, Venice & Rome

'How has everyone been doing?'

"Oh, me?"

"I've been travelling the world!"

Okay, I was exaggerating. But I did in fact spent 10 days in Europe, Italy.(:

The trip was great; There were many firsts for me whatever it was, be it the sights I saw, the history I skimmed past, the bits and pieces of actual history standing in front of me or the food I ate, it was an eye-opening trip for me - in short, an amazing experience - wished it snowed though.

Life is imperfect and complains only make it worse - it didn't snow and there were foggy days - so let's be thankful for a safe and good trip, shall we? I'm a sucker for pictures when it comes to blog posts, and I'm sure you are too, so here's a little sneak peak into my trip's photos.

Milan Cathedral or, i like the Italian way of saying it better, Duomo di Milano :
Old Bridge Gelateria, Rome :
St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Rome :
La Mosca Matta Restaurant, Rome :
Luna Rossa Restaurant, Milan :
S. Jacopino Restaurant, Florence :
Pearl Couscous with Grilled Lamb, flight to Hong Kong :

I hope the photos were good enough for a sneak peak! I'll still be travelling in the coming weeks, but I'll feed you guys with new and more beautiful photos once I get the chance to type my posts and edit my photos; So bear with me even if the posts are coming in slowly!

God bless.
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