Jai Thai Restuarant : Wallet Friendly Thai Food (Plus A Giveaway!)

Eating on a budget yet you're not willing to compromise by eating fast food? Jai Thai would be the place to go for a cheap and good thai food fix. This post will also be containing a giveaway at the end. If you're interested, read on to find out more.

Serving up wallet friendly and authentic thai food is something Jai Thai does well for its customers. Jai Thai has been around since 1999 and 'wallet friendly' is a term that often accompanies it when people mention Jai Thai Restaurant; They offer two value-for-money rice sets here which are popular with consumers : Olive Rice Set ($8.80) & Pineapple Rice Set ($8.80).
As for the Pineapple Rice Set, you'll get a plate of pineapple rice and a platter consisting of thai spring roll, a piece of pandan fried chicken, thai green curry chicken and fried fish with thai chilli sauce; While getting the Olive Rice Set will see one having a plate of olive rice and a platter containing mango salad, mix vegetables, tofu green curry and fried fish with thai chilli sauce - a set meal like that will only set you back less than $10!

Having tasted both rice sets, I would conclude that the rice is just a medium to go along with the various dishes; The pineapple rice was not fragrant while the olive rice tasted alright but someone commented that it was too salty. I do hope they work on their pineapple rice because the platter of dishes are good enough for a thai food fix especially the fried fish and chicken. With all that's said, I would still recommend the rice sets, because they really do make a substantial and partially satisfying meal.
One of their signature dishes and a definite crowd pleaser, the Pandan Chicken is wrapped with a piece of pandan and deep fried till crisp. They're generous with their chicken here so you can expect a fairly decent sized chicken piece and not a puny bite-sized one.
A good choice if you want to have a try of all their appetizers, the Mix Platter consist of thai spring rolls, fish cakes, deep fried bean curd and prawn cakes. The fish cakes are a little too soggy for my liking while the prawn cakes were nicely breaded and fried. Dipped into the accompanying thai chilli sauce, they really do make a pretty tasty appetizer.
Baked prawns with glass noodles served in a claypot here, a thai speciality, is delicious and it tasted very much like the ones I had in thailand. This lacked the addictive-ness to it though and the prawns weren't particularly fresh, what a pity.

Beef noodles lovers, you'll be elated yet disappointed. I'll tell you why. The Beef Noodles (first photo) soup was too thin, resulting it being almost tasteless and the beef balls had a sort of frozen taste to it, but the chunks beef you see? They are oh-so tender and good. If there were handmade beef balls and a flavoursome soup, I'll won't mind travelling here just for the beef noodles.

After all that's said, tasted and you have salivated, it's time for the giveaway!

This giveaway is simple - readers of Nigel · Eats will stand a chance to win a complimentary rice set meal. There will be 40 sets up for grab, so be excited! 

This is what you'll have to do:
1.  You are required to go to Jai Thai's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/

JaiThaiSG and click "LIKE".

2. You will then have to write a simple text to tell us why you like Thai food or which is your favourite Thai dish. *You must also indicate my name and blog address (eg. I read about Jai Thai from Nigel at Nigel · Eats) at the end of the entry. 

3. 40 lucky "LIKERS" will then receive a personal inbox from the Jai Thai FB administrator to inform them of their win.

The winners then show the inbox message to the staff upon ordering, to get the rice set free (choice of pineapple rice set / olive rice set).

Terms & Conditions:
- Redemption not applicable on weekends and public holidays
- Valid only at Purvis Street and East Coast branches
- Only one set is redeemable per table during dine-in
- Each person is only entitled to post one entry and therefore win one free set, duplicate entries will not be entertained

Jai Thai 

Purvis Street Branch
27 Purvis Street
#01-01 An Chuan Building
Singapore 188604
Tel: 6336 6908


Jln Pemimpin Branch
7 Clover Way
Singapore 579080
Tel: 6258 0228
East Coast Branch
205 East Coast Road
Singapore 428904
Tel: 6346 4940
Website : http://www.jai-thai.com/

Thank you Jai Thai's owner Suchana for the invite and her kind generosity with regards to the giveaway and Thox  and Paul for organising this lunch!       


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