Touring Thailand : Fishing @ Bungsamran Fishing Park

Don't we all love to eat? Well, I live to eat and the search for good food has already been integrated into me so I wouldn't say it's a hobby or a passion, I just do it haha; On the other hand, fishing's my passion and a hobby to me.

Out of all my annual trips to Thailand, this year's was a little extra special because I had the chance to fish.(: We fished at Bungsamran Fishing Park in the outskirts of Bangkok. I've been drooling and vying for a chance to fish at Bungsamran ever since I saw photos of how the fishes there can be as big as you or even bigger! :O Rarely do we get a chance to see, what more fight, a big fish in Singapore because they are just too rare here.

So on the second day of my trip, still having a little fever, I was all too exciting and raring to go! We had an excellent fishing guide with us that day, Kai. In fact, two guides were with us, but I didn't catch the other guide's name.
As soon as we arrived, our guides greeted us cheerfully and wasted no time in baiting their two rods and casting it towards the centre of the pond. As we waited, we were told to be patient as the bite rates in the morning are a little slow as the water have yet to warmed up hence causing the fishes to feed slower than usual.

It didn't take too long though...!
  - The Actions -
- Our Firsts -
My First... great shot with my grandpa. Love this photo. SMILE.(:

- The Agony & Joy -

The group shot marks the end of our epic fishing adventure, coincidentally that was also our biggest catch of that day.(: The bait was scented with a special essence made by Kai himself (yes, he's experienced enough to do that) to target giant Mekong catfishes. We caught a total of 16 or more Mekong catfish that day alone; We left with smiles all around but awoke the next day with back aches and sore arms hahah.

Thank you for the adrenaline rush Kai and our other fishing guide, and of course, uncle Aek for going through the trouble to arrange this so that we could have a memorable experience!

Bungsamran Co., Ltd. 
21/596 Soi Navamin 42 Navamin Rd., Bungkum Bangkapi  Bangkok 10240
Tel. 02-734-9272
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kuraire said...

those are MONSTER HUGE!! :O

nigeleats said...

hi claire! haha yea, they are huge and will definitely give you a run for your money. see you this sat! :D

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