Sweet Spring : Taiwanese Delights

Craving for desserts and Taiwanese delights? You just might wanna stop by Sweet Spring.

One of the brands under Fish & Co, Sweet Spring's like the eastern counterpart of Fish & Co serving up chinese (taiwanese) desserts and dishes. They are known for their desserts, especially snow ice, but offer mains, sides and dim sum as well so that you can have a complete meal.
Curried beef cubes over steaming hot white rice, the Beef Cube Steam Rice makes a warm, hearty meal. The curry is a little on the dry side and its spiciness is only minimal.
The Minced Meat Steamed Rice has bits of egg yolks, salted egg yolks and salted fish incorporated into it, imparting flavour and the saltiness it needs. I like it as the minced meat isn't dry and goes well with the rice but felt that it could be a little leaner.
Fish lovers can try the Spicy Fish Steamed Rice as it's pretty good in my opinion. Though the moisture from the steam has caused the fried crust of the fish fillet to turn soggy, the tangy, spicy chilli sauce on top of the fish compliments the fish and the rice well.
Not in the mood for rice? Go for noodles then. Their Stewed Pork Noodles is served up with a nice, flavourful broth and meaty chunks of pork. Gratifying.
Moving away from the main courses, you can order the Crispy Chicken Bites for a side snack. Tender and crispy, I felt the batter was too thick causing the taste of flour to be too distinct and could have been a little less oily.
A meal cannot be said to be completed without desserts; Desserts are a must. So go ahead and save some space in your stomach for their desserts. I would reccomend their orh nee if you're a fan of yam like me. Nothing extraordinary, just good old Yam Paste With Pumpkin & Gingko Nuts.
Or a healthy alternative and a protein packed dessert would be their one of their signature desserts here - Tau Huay aka Soya Beancurd. Presented in a cool little miniature wooden bucket, the soya beancurd is for 2 pax and it's Do-It-Yourself kind. Scoop anyway you like and add their sugar syrup to your preference. Their tau huay is silky smooth and very delicated indeed, very nice.
Presenting to you... Their bestseller - Mango & Strawberry Snow Ice. Snow Ice is a well known Taiwanese desserts normally available during summer where its icy, fruity goodness is highly appreciated. Here, they do make very similar snow ice as the ones in Taiwan and it's very delicious and good for cooling off in this hot tropical weather indeed. Unlike our local Ice Kachang, Snow Ice is flavoured shaved ice and has milk in it so it raises the dessert up another level.

In the background is Lychee Snow Ice where we tried and unanimously agreed that the Mango & Strawberry Snow Ice is still our favourite. You can order them separately or half-half and have the best of both worlds like the one in the photo.

In conclusion, I would recommend you trying out their speciality and bestseller - Mango & Strawberry Snow Ice - if you pop by Sweet Spring for desserts or a meal. You'll love it.

Thank you Xue Li from Fish & Co and Sweet Spring for the invite!

Update 8/9/2012 : This store is now closed at NEX


Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Nigel! Ohhh you take such beautiful pictures of food that made me VERY hungry! I miss Taiwanese food... I only go there once a year to visit my inlaws but I enjoy the food very much. Stewed Pork Noodles sounds amazing, well everything sounds good here! :-)

nigeleats said...

Hello Nami! thank you for your kind comment! haha same I miss Taiwan and the good food over there but only had one opportunity to go there for a holiday 2 years back. Was a great experience trying out the local food and seeing the local scenery there. Definitely will go back if I ever have the chance to.(: haha have you been to Singapore and tried our local dishes?

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