Caffé B @ Marina Bay Sands : Happy 1st Anniversary!

Happy birthday/1st Anniversary Caffé B!

An unpretentious italian resturant in MBS, Caffé B has an al fresco bar, facing the waters and esplanade, for a breather as well. 

Caffe B has their 1st anniversary celebration a little while back and I was honored to be invited. It was a causal and relaxing night as the restaurant attempted to transport us back to a night in Tuscany with the region's ingredients and foods. I sampled different Italian dishes, desserts and had the opportunity to meet many people from the corporate world. I must apologize for the low quality pictures as all the photos were taken mostly under low light conditions. 

A dazzling and tantalising array of Italian desserts greeted us as we walking into the restaurant.
It was a display of trays of desserts for our taking. There were freshly baked Italian biscuits.
Deep fried pastry sprinkled with powdered icing sugar a.k.a Cenci as they call it in Tuscany.
There were cream filled deep fried pastry horns as well and a few other desserts as well. Perfect for some finger food as you sat by the al fresco bar to enjoy some talk time with a friend.
 Moving on, there were some antipasti to start us off the night.
Baked salmon that were fantastic for salmon lovers like myself. A couple of sauces - thousand island, mayonnaise and another lemon sauce - were available to accompany the salmon.
I especially enjoyed pairing the freshly shaved parma ham with slices of honeydew and rock melon. They went so well together.
Couldn't really tell what cattle this was, but I'm guessing beef. the slices of meat were a little too tough and dry for me though.
The kitchen was also kept busy preparing plates of pizzas (which, unfortunately, I didn't get to try) and pastas. This were penne with tomato sauce, nothing extraordinary.
The waiter told me this type of thick pasta were called 'Peach' and I was pretty surprise at the name, anyone can verify? This was served with a little grating of cheese on top and smoked duck.
The cool weather in the night with the relaxing view of the bayfront and esplanade makes this al fresco bar at the top a nice spot to chill with your friends after office hours.

It was indeed a memorable and pleasant night spent celebrating Caffé B's 1st anniversary! Once again, happy 1st Anniversary Caffé B, may you bring plenty of joy and satisfaction to all diners through the high quality of your food and standard of service for the years to come.(:

Thank you Jaime from PR Communications Pte Ltd and Caffé B for the invite.


Ai Sakura said...

What a lovely food spread :) glad you had a good time there..

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Anonymous said...

The 'peach', I think she meant 'pici'.

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