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Living in a diverse society with multiple races, nationalities, cultures and of course their cuisines, Thai restaurants are only a handful and good ones are rare. So where do you get your Thai food fix? 

I had the opportunity to try Mai Thai restaurant with my vouchers won at Greenwich V not long ago. And I'll be frank with you, the food is good. But its a pity that things can get a little expensive here and not to mention, service wasn't very efficient. 
We started off with a plate of Prawn Cakes a.k.a Tod Mun Goong which was simple yet delightful. They were lightly breaded, fried to a crisp and not greasy at all. Our only complain was the serving was a little too small.
And what's a complete Thai dinner if there wasn't Tom Yum? Not exactly the top Thai dish on my list because I still can't use to the spicy and sourish taste but this was too spicy in my opinion. The chilli overpowdered the whole dish, leaving you on fire.

The next dish that came was the pièce de résistance - Cuttlefish with Salted Eggs a.k.a Pla Merk Pad Kai Khem (top photo). I feeling a little adverse to this dish when I saw the salted egg yolks initially, clearly not a lover of salted egg yolks am I. However my fears were banished after tasting what I thought were perfectly steamed cuttlefishes served in a sweet, creamy sauce with bits of crushed salted egg yolk to balance out the flavours. This dish was a winner, it's so good.
One of my favourite and classic Thai dish of all times is the Basil Chicken a.k.a Ka Pao Gai or Pork at times. We had chicken this time round and it was partially disappointing, the flavours were not too bad, tasty and not dry but super oily. There was a pool of oil on the bottom and in my point of view, was way too oily for comfort.

That was it for my dinner. I'm elated to find a hidden gem - the Cuttlefish with Salted Eggs - at Mai Thai Restaurant and would order it again when I see it. Do you have other good Thai dishes or restaurant to recommend? 

Mai Thai Restaurant

1 Seletar Road 
#02-03 Greenwich V S807011

Tel: 67523688
Website : Mai Thai


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