Caffé B : Mother's Day Promotion

Cracking your head over a place to bring your mother out for a wonderful meal during Mother's Day? Why not have a go at Caffé B's Mother's Day special menu and promotion, it's alright spend a little more for the one you love yea!
(Photo Credit : Caffé B)

This Mother’s Day, give mommy dearest a break from the kitchen and take the family out to celebrate the woman whose love is always selfless and unconditional. For this truly special occasion, Caffé B pampers mothers with an indulgent dining experience that proves she really does deserve the royal treatment.

Start the evening with a canapé of Deep Fried Saffron Rice and Mozzarella Croquette with Flat Grissino and Pumpkin Cream. Bite beyond the delicate outer crispiness into a burst of flavour with melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella, balanced off by the sweetness of the pumpkin cream.

Further whet your appetite with an antipasti creation of Shrimps Tar Tar, Fennel and Orange Marinated in a Melon Liquid Salad. This innovative dish is sure to delight Mom with its fresh, fruity zest, and prepare the palate for the primo piatto.

Aficionados of authentic Italian cuisine will enjoy the Carnaroli Risotto with Foie Gras and Porcini Mushrooms. Savour the fresh porcini mushrooms and decadent foie gras, matched in quality by the use of Aquarello, a unique type of aged Italian Carnaroli rice, to create a creamy, flavourful risotto.

The peak of your gastronomic journey comes with the secondo piatto – Tenderloin Fillet with Marsala Sauce, accompanied by a Ricotta Sauce and Cubic Roasted Potatoes. Here, the culinary team lets the quality of the ingredients shine through by choosing to work with a simple and traditional recipe. The prime cut of tenderloin fillet grilled to succulent perfection makes this dish the obvious highlight of the menu.

To round off the night’s celebration, take delight in the ambrosial pairing of Chocolate Ingot and Coffee Cream for dessert. Moist Italian chocolate cake with coffee-infused fresh cream makes this a classic dessert that everyone will enjoy!

As a gesture of appreciation, Caffé B will give all mothers who dine at the restaurant on 12 & 13 May (Saturday & Sunday) a complimentary stalk of flower. The Mother’s Day special menu is available at the restaurant at S$150++ per person from 5 – 13 May. Diners can enjoy an early celebration promotion at S$125++ per person from 5 – 11 May.  

For those with smaller appetites, a lighter four-course version of the menu without the secondo piatto is available at the bar for S$95++ per person from 5 – 11 May, and at S$110++ per person on 12 and 13 May.

Raise a toast to the one who truly deserves the best and celebrate the most important woman in your life at Caffé B this Mother’s Day!

A look at the menu : 

Caffé B Mother’s Day Set Menu  

Five-course set menu at the restaurant 
S$125++ per person from 5 – 11 May
S$150++ per person on 12 & 13 May
Four-course set menu (without secondo piatto) at the bar 
S$95++ per person from 5 – 11 May
S$110++ per person on 12 & 13 May


“Arancino” Minon con Zucchina in Pastella
Deep Fried Saffron Rice and Mozzarella Croquette with Flat Grissino and Pumpkin Cream


Tar Tar di Gamberi Marinato all Arancia e Finocchiella con Insalata Liquida di Melone
Shrimps Tar Tar, Fennel and Orange marinated on a Melon Liquid Salad
Primo Piatto 

Risotto Carnaroli Con Foie Gras e Funghi Porcini
“Carnaroli” Risotto with Foie Gras and Porcini Mushrooms
Secondo Piatto 

Filetto al Marsala e Noci con Salsa di Ceci e Ricotta Accompagnato da Patate Arrosto
Tenderloin Filet with “Marsala Sauce” accompanied by a Ricotta Sauce and Cubic Roasted Potatoes

Lingotto al Cioccolato e Panna al Caffe
Chocolate Ingot and Coffee Cream

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Roaming Italy: Florence (Day 6 & 7)

Day 6 and 7 of my Italy trip was spent wondering in Florence's markets and roaming the streets to see what they have to offer locally. Loved the exploration, widened my horizon indefinitely.(:
Splendid morning as we arrived at Mercato Centrale Market and I grabbed a beef tripe bun, from a lady at a cart right outside the market, to eat even when I just had breakfast. I couldn't resist and it was highly recommended. The beef tripe cooked to tenderness and the bun acting as a sponge to soak up the juice was simply delicious.
 After touring the market and while en route to another wet market, I indulged in a chocolate affogato with a scoop of hazelnut ice cream from Vestri, a chocolate shop. Very rich and sinfully indeed heh.
 Went on to visit the leaning tower of Pisa personally the following day. Feels great to witness it personally.
Next up, the shopping paradise for guys and girls alike - branded goods! It's a little awhile away from florence, we went via train and cab. About 40mins of travelling time.

Roaming Italy : Rome (Day 4 & 5)

Continuing from my long delayed Italy trip photos, this post of photos shall conclude my days in Rome.

Starting off with a fantastic full course Italian dinner at La Mosca Matta, Rome. It was a wonderful meal that encompassed different cooking like methods mashing, grilling, baking, deep frying, with all kinds of flavours such as salty, sweet, perfuming herbs, oily, tangy. It was simply like a feast fit for a king. It wasn't cheap, nor were we cheated. 

Breakfast at Hotel Lodi were scrumptious croissants with your choice of orange juice or a cup of hot tea or coffee to perk you up for the day.
There was a nice backyard with lemon and orange trees. Beautiful.
We made our way to the Colosseum shortly after breakfast.
Remains of the animal that was once kept captives and used during 'shows' in the Colosseum were on display.
We walked around the Colosseum and visited some other places too.
We visited a synagogue the following morning and saw them selling, interestingly, chocolate kebab and what looked like giant baguettes to me. 
And what better treat to bid farewell to Rome then to get myself a cone of gelato from the oldest italian gelato factory, G. Fassi.(:
Having it in cold weather conditions beats it all.
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