Jumbo Seafood @ Dempsey Road

I love Singapore; I love the food at home; I love Singapore dishes.

Food has become an quintessential part of our lives and national identity and we ain't afraid to tell people that, right? A well loved Singaporean dish is the chilli crab. You can find it in many places that are serving up crab dishes locally, including tze char stalls and restaurants alike. Jumbo has been serving up their popular signature chilli crab for years, winning praises from customers and clinching several awards till date. If you're hooked on to it, don't worry, packets of their chilli crab paste are up for sale so you can cook it in the ease of your home as well. Oh, and mop up the sauce with fried man tous, it'll be one of the most delicious things you ever did.

Hankering for something on the lighter side of life? You can call for steamed crabs. Freshly steamed crabs that were alive and kicking a few moments ago, you can't get anything fresher than this nor go wrong with this.
Slices of beef grilled to tenderness with an accompanying black pepper sauce. The beef is wonderfully tender and moist but as always, the black pepper sauce is a little overpowering.
Another Singaporean delight, Jumbo's rendition of mee goreng is - for a lack of better words - delicious with plump and succulent scallops and shrimps. 
Seafood fried rice at Jumbo is another crowd pleaser with the generous amount of seafood - strips of squids and shrimps - and executed excellently that you can taste the individual grains of rice distinctly. 
 The Golden Phoenix Chicken boast of tender pieces of chicken meat with a thin layer of outer skin fried to a crisp. Very nice indeed.
Being a member at Jumbo has its benefits and it was the month of April when we ate this a few weeks ago, my father's birthday month so we received a complimentary cake. (need to call one day in advance) Great mango cake from Bakerzin, I especially loved the mango mousse.

Happy birthday Dad! 


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