Nigel · Eats Facebook Page

At last, a Facebook page for Nigel · Eats.

I couldn't have done it without you guys. Witnessing the power of utilising social media as a platform to raise awareness of blogs, social issues, current affairs and many others, I would be foolish not to create a Facebook page for Nigel · Eats heh. So 3 days ago, I finally got down to business and set my heart on establishing a page for you and my beloved food blog.

I have set down a few objective for myself when I created the page. I promised to update the page regularly with never seen before photos instagram, new posts on my blog and not yet published sneak previews. I truly hope to be able to do so and I hope to garner your support for this. You can do so by pressing the 'like' button at Nigel · Eats' Facebook page.

This post is a small shout out to excite my readers, you guys, that a facebook page is up and running so I'll just keep it short, simple and sweet. Do stay tune for more updates!  


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