Dann's Daily Pescetarian Cafe : Serving Up Delicious Wholesome Foods

'A little daily makes a difference, a little difference makes your day.' Beautiful quote from Dann's Daily Cafe isn't it? Yes, a little difference each day does in fact go a long way. Taking a small step out to make a meal a day wholesome now - so that your body gets the nutrients it needs - could have everlasting impacts for the years to come. Just think of it, good health, radiant looks and lesser visits to the doctor, why not? So start making the change today and a visit to Dann's Daily Cafe would help to start you off.
Dedicated to serving up wholesome foods, it's not your regular health salad bar or cafe. The owners, Xing and Christina, follows a pescetarian diet, one that have seafood to meet their protein needs and vegetables.
I love how unpretentious and homely the cafe is. Healthy as it is, the foods served here are no doubt delicious yet some things here might take a little getting used to for the new palate and there are certain items on the menu for you to have your moments of indulgence. 
 Take for example this cup of Vanilla Teeccino Latte, it's a techonology brought back from the US by Xing as Christina shares that Xing, her husband, used to be a caffeine addict in the past and too much of anything is bad right? So being a coffee enthusiast, Xing spent time and effort in searching for good coffee and brewing his own cuppa, till he met the Teeccino which is caffeine free, non-acidic beacause it's actually dairy with roasted almonds, dates and figs! 

I would love to tell you it taste just like your own of coffee, but nope, unfortunately (or fortunately for the coffee lovers out there) there are no substitute for the real deal. However, it's worth a try because it's actually pretty tasty with layers of flavours waiting for you to decipher as you sip your cup of teeccino. 

Or consider the Organic Quinoa Salad (2nd photo), quinoa is the choice of grain over rice as it has less carbs, high in fibre, protein and is gluten free. Quinoa is more commonly seen and served in the US but we, Singaporeans, could welcome a healthier grain than the polished white rice. Though I have to say that the grains are smaller than your normal white rice and it may taste a different but I'm sure it'll satisfy my carbs craving as well, great for carbs watchers!
We tried the dry QQ noodles that were made of semolina flour and tasted in organic carob syrup as well. First a little introduction on carob, a common healthy substitute to chocolate when you add sugar with carob. Yet, it depends on how you use carob, it can be incorporated into a savoury dish like this too. Carob has 17 times lesser fats and also lesser calories than chocolate. It felt a little funny tasting carob for the first time but it will grow on you over time. Felt the noodles could do with a little salt or soya sauce to impart a ltitlle saltiness though.
 Moving on to their burgers and toasties, this is a Beetroot Patty Burger served with potato chips and potato salad, a favourite among their customers. Time and effort were spent on the patty to find a way to bind the ingredients together without the use of egg or flour so this is gluten free as well. Oh, and did I mention that alkaline water is served free-of-charge here to all their customers because it is said that our human bodies are naturally acidic and the alkaline water would serve to better regulate our digestion system as it neutralises the level of acidity within. 

Mmm, but I deviated, back to the burger. The burger patty is little dry on its own but Christina counters this with a homemade beetroot chutney that binds everything together, making this burger a flavourful and wholesome one. Ah, and the potato chips for the side you may ask, what is it doing in a 'healthy' cafe?! Yup, precisely because it is not your 100% healthy cafe but the potato chips are selected as they're only fried and seasoned with a little sea salt.

My favourite item out of all the savoury items that I've got to try so far, would be the Otah Japanese Cucumber Sandwich (top photo), which again is a favourite amongst their consumers. This is easy to comprehend. This is certainly not your run-of-mill otah with its big chunks of mackerel. Simple, fresh and utterly delicious is what I would say of this humble toast.
 Dann's Daily signature item : Steamed Cupcakes. Ah, moments of indulgence here. Proud of her own creation, Christina does not hesitate to explain how she started off with the idea of adapting her mom's huat kueh recipe but had to come out with her own from scratch when it didn't work out. She didn't want a huat kueh, she wanted a cupcake. 

Having tried their Gula Melaka steamed cupcake, top with gula melaka cream (background). I can tell you, it's to die for. Very moist and packed with freshly grated coconut, a very wonderful and pleasing end to a wholesome meal at Dann's Daily Cafe indeed. My friend had the Strawberry one topped with strawberry cream on top, he loved it as well. I stole a bite of course heh, and it was very wonderful with the slight tang from the strawberries balancing out the sweetness of the cupcakes. It might not be as aesthetically pleasing as your artisan cakes or breads but it'll sure get you hooked on with its taste!

Thank you Xing and Christina for hosting me and Christina for taking the time to explain each item in detail to me and to Paul from Thox from the invite. I enjoyed the journey of learning and tasting delicious wholesome foods throughly.


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