Alfero Artisan Gelato : Authentic Italian Gelato

Authentic italian gelato doesn't get any more authentic than it is at Alfero Gelato; Alfero (the boss) makes his gelato with the quality ingredients and stores his gelato in pozzetto cabinets (metal containers) to avoid light and air contamination so that the gelato will remain as it is when it first came out from the machine.

Alfero Gelato has two branches, one at Marina Square and its flagship store situated at Macpherson, under the HBD flats. Reminiscing the wonderful gelatos I had in Italy a year ago, I was very exciting to try Alfero's - I was not disappointed.

You'll find Alfero manning the gelateria at Macpherson and though the store space can be a ltitle small with not more than 10 seats or so, his cheeriness and friendly personality more than makes up for it. Knowing we're trying his creations for the first time, my friend and I were 'forced' to try every flavour there is available on that day. This is something I have to commend Alfero for, that he's not stingy or calculative to let his customers sample big spoonfuls of gelato and it certainly indicates to me that, for him to be proud and excited to let other try his gelato, the gelato must be of good quality and made with love.

My friend ordered the chocolate flavour with raspberry sorbet while I had chocolate flavour with passionfruit sorbet. The chocolate gelato is made with 72% cacao chocolate, loved the rich and smooth texture of the gelato. Chocolate lovers would take to this. The sorbets were tangy and refreshing. However my advice would be to not mix sorbet with gelato, they don't go well together, especially chocolate and a fruity sorbet.

Oh, there's student discount of 15% here too so don't forget to ask for it when you're here! Or the boss will automatically tell you so, like he did for us. Made the gelato taste a little better hehe.

Alfero Artisan Gelato is my place to go for authentic gelato, do come down and give it a try! Where else is your favourite gelateria?

Alfero Artisan Gelato
81 Macpherson Lane
#01-37 Singapore

Opening Hours :
Tue–Sat: 12pm – 9pm
Sun: 12pm – 6pm
(Closed on Mon)

Tel : 6848 4269
Website : Alfero Gelato


Eileen Nah said...

Rolleyes is something new and revolutionary! Check out the video that was done by Rolleyes for Alfero Gelato.

nigeleats said...

Hi Eileen, the video is very nicely produced!

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