'Never Too Busy To Cook' : Singapore Food Trail

There's our candid and courageous hosts for the day - Daniel from Daniel's Food Diary and Maureen from Miss Tam Chiak.

It was fulfilling and fruitful Saturday afternoon spent as bloggers and non-bloggers alike gathered at the Singapore Food Trail to savour a spread of local flavours for lunch before sitting back and enjoying a cooking demonstration by our 2 famous local food bloggers.

Shall we start with lunch?
Lunch was kindly sponsored by the Singapore Food Trail and it was a feast I assure you. Lunch commenced with this plate of rojak from Lagoon Kampong Rojak. Every piece of ingredient was well coated in the slightly viscous prawn paste and peanut sauce before finishing off with more chopped peanuts on top. It was addictive, enough said. Fear not if you dislike the prawn paste taste, it doesn't overwhelm the dish here; It only serves to lift the sauce up to a better dimension.
 This plate of ngoh hiang (which translates to five spice meat roll) is from Whampoa Ngoh Hiang Prawn Cracker. It was decent with an assortment of items such as fish balls, prawn crackers, five spice meat rolls and tau kwa. 
This plate of Hokkien Mee a.k.a fried prawn noodles should be familiar with most of us and needs no further introduction. Coming from Newton Lim Kee Hokkien Mee, I would say it's better tasting than most hokkien mee as it's rather watery and I like my hokkien mee that way, but nothing comes close to beating my favourite hokkien mee.
This bowl of pork ribs from Sin Ming Road Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh was peppery and garlicky but not overpoweringly so. The pork ribs were tender and came off the bone rather easily; I enjoyed this.
Who likes BBQ stingray? -raises hand- This plate of BBQ stingray is from Boon Tat Street BBQ seafood, well grilled yet somehow I felt the sambal was still lacking in flavour somewhat.
I didn't try this plate of fried Oyster Omelette because I don't really like oysters. Yup, each to their own preference. But I can tell you that it looks wonderfully crisp to me, seems like a job well done.
With our bellies filled, we proceeded on to the next segment of the programme : cooking demonstration! Daniel and Maureen worked hard to keep us entertained while sharing a few simple to whip up recipes with us. Since this event was partly sponsored by panasonic, we got to see some of their products on the cooking/baking side. Maureen used a mircowave to fry up this small bowl of healthy fried shallots, pretty amazing! The fried shallots were really fragrant and healthy as olive oil used and it was meant to be used in our rice recipe but unfortunately it slipped off Maureen's mitts after going round the table to let us have a look.
Here's the finished product of our rice dish. Very healthy and tasty indeed, with chicken pieces, mushrooms and minimal amount of oil used, all done in a rice cooker!
Here's another of our main courses, grilled salmon fillets with vegetables. Doesn't that little browning on the melted cheese topping make everything look so good? No doubts, it taste as good as it looks!

Besides the main courses, we had a strawberry and mango smoothie to quench our thirst too. Healthy yet tasty, however the smoothie was agreed to be lacking a little of the mango flavour.
Last but never the least, there's always room for desserts right? Right! This was blueberry cheesecake and I loved this the most. With its oreo cookie base, it tasted very professional and de-li-cious!

That marked an end to our wonderful day spent with Daniel, Maureen and the omy team. I will be sharing the recipes for the three dishes that were demonstrated in the next post so do keep a look out for it! I would also like to applaud Daniel and Maureen for their time and effort even though there were some hiccups in the middle.

Thank you omy.sg and Panasonic for organising this event and to Singapore Food Trail for the sumptuous lunch!   


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Glad you enjoyed the workshop Nigel, and great photos you have there.


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