Obolo @ 112 Katong : Collection Patisserie 2012/2013

Fans of Obolo, lovers of cheesecakes and macarons, rejoice! Chef Mac and his team had spent 8 painstakingly months to come up with Obolo collection 2012/2013, launching on 10 or 11 August, next month. 
Firstly, before diving into the lovely creations, let's talk about their creator - Chef Mac Woo. A friendly and soft spoken man, I could sense his passion for what he's doing through his willingness to share not just about his creations but also on general baking tips and any questions that we threw at him.  He's who takes constructive feedback seriously and openly, happy to believe that there's always room for improvements so as to adapt to his clientele's tastebuds.  I enjoyed chatting with him and knowing him better made me appreciate the desserts even more. 
Aged Rum Vanille, Orange Cognac, Chocolate Whisky, Mocha Kahlua (From front to back, anti-clockwise)
Coming back to the desserts, let's start off with the macaroons. This was my first time trying macaroons and apparently obolo's macaroons were something to rave about. In collection 2012/2013, Chef Mac had devised Singapore's first ever alcoholic macarons - 4 different macarons with 4 different percentage of choclate paired with 4 different kinds of spirits (excluding the current Champagne flavour that's already been made available).  Chef Mac shared that any chocolate above 55%, if mixing with alcohol, would overwhelm the alcohol so all the macarons were filled with chocolate below 55%. Fans of Pierre Hermes would also be delighted to know that Chef Mac takes to his style of filling his macarons with a thick filling rather than laudree's style of a thin filling. 

The Aged Rum Vanille (Nigel Ate : 3.75/5) - Swiss white chocolate ganache infused with aged dark rum & Tahitian vanilla beans. This was a delight but we felt that it could do with a stronger rum flavor. 

Orange Cognac (Nigel Ate : 4.5/5) - 41% milk chocolate infused with cognac and Valencia orange. My favourite of the lot and as Mac says 'Some things you don't have try too hard to pair up, it's natural.' This was well received round the table as the orange compliments the chocolate and cognac very well. Lovers of orange dark chocolate, go for this. 

Mocha Kahlua (Nigel Ate : 4.25/5) - 46% semi-sweet chocolate ganache infused with Kahlua liqueur & Arabic espresso beans. This is my 2nd choice if I had to pick. Coffee and chocolate are another duo that go hand in hand, lifting up the chocolate and giving it another dimensional, the coffee doesn't seek to steal the limelight away from chocolate.

Chocolate Whisky (Nigel Ate : 4/5) - 46% semi-sweet chocolate ganache infused with aged scotch whisky. Purists would still grumble, but this was as chocolatey a macron can get in this new collection. Lovely chocolate flavor with the perfume of whisky.
Now turning our attention to the cakes, we have 4 different kinds of cakes to pair with the macarons : Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake, Carachoc, Nutella Cheesecake and Apple Crumble Cheesecake. 
(Nigel Ate : 4.5/5)
Starting with the Apple Crumble Cheesecake, it was not as heavy as some cheesecakes tend be and the layer of granny smith apples was delectable, paired with the crumbles, this cake was mouthwatering. I think I'm in love. 
(Nigel Ate : 2.5/5)
The Nutella Cheesecake was, sadly, disappointing as my tastebuds scouted around to find the slightly hint of Nutella but returned empty handed. More Nutella to be added please! 
(Nigel Ate : 3.25/5)
The Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake, I felt, is in a little dilemma, the layer of raspberry jam topping the cheesecake didn't blend into the cheesecake well and the seeds of the raspberries in the jam annoyed me.  I would suggest filling a layer of raspberry jam in the middle of the cake as well and sieving it to remove the seeds. Nonetheless, the cheesecake would have tasted good as an original flavor cheesecake.
(Nigel Ate : 4/5)
The Carachoc presented many layers of flavours which I really enjoyed; this chocolate was no simple one, it has different layers of dark chocolate genoise, caramel chocolate mousse, salted caramel bavarois, 56% bittersweet chocolate mousse studded with Fleur de Sel and a crunchy praline feuilletine bottom. Imagine the amount of work that has gone into this single cake alone! 

That's all for Obolo's collection 2012/2013. I hope you guys are as excited for the official launch as I am, do try the Apple Crumble Cheesecake and Orange Cognac, you won't be disappointed!

Many thanks to Obolo for the invite and Chef Mac for being a great host!

112 East Coast Road
112 Katong
Singapore 428802

Contact : 6636 1073
Opens from : 10am – 10pm daily


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