Ann Chin Popiah (安珍薄饼) : Good Old Popiah

Ann Chin Popiah has been around for a long time now, since it was brought here in the 1940s. Retaining all its flavorful goodness, it was very satisfying to savour each mouthful of popiah indeed.
Nigel Ate : 4.25/5
There are no huge makeovers since the day Ann Chin popiah started; It's still the good old same ingredients that make the popiah so wonderful. Starting with 2 own their handmade popiah skins, the lady then puts a little sweet sauce, pieces of lettuce, crushed peanuts, fried bits, hard boiled egg and finally the star ingredient mung guang aka yam bean. Really simple ingredients, but it hits right at the g-spot. The homemade popiah skin has just the right thickness to stay resilient against the dampness of the mang guang and won't threaten break apart anytime soon. 

However, it's sad to say, I've never truly appreciated popiah till now, so where are some of your popiah recommendations? I would love to try them out!

Ann Chin Popiah 安珍薄饼
Blk 335
Chinatown Complex Market
Smith Street
Weekdays 10am - 9pm (Off on Thursday)
Weekends and public holiday 9am - 9pm


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