Cai Li Fish Head Steamboat @ Whampoa Drive Food Centre

Nigel Ate : 3/5
Having been to Whampoa Drive Hawker Centre for so many times, I've always seen others eating the fish head steamboat and it seems like a big thing here where everyone seems to be enjoying their bowl of soup and picking at the contents of their steamboat but I have never tasted it personally. 

Travelling to Whampoa over the weekend for dinner, my dad decided to give it a try. We tried the nearest store to us, Cai Li Fish Head Steamboat. 
Nigel Ate : 3.5/5
Their fried Hei Zhou had a very crispy exterior and came looking very appetizing but it failed to deliver. Just your run-out-the-mill hei zhou, too floury, not enough crunch from the bits of water chestnuts. 

Then came the star of the night, the red grouper fish head steamboat. A few thick chunks of meat on top, but that's kind of all there is to it. The bottom was all layered with vegetables and fish roe. The soup lacked the robust unagmi flavour, only the diluted taste of fried sole fish and dried shrimp. 

My only consolation was to realise, after doing some research online later on, that the truly famous fish head steamboat stall wasn't opened that night. We'll be back!

Cai Li Fish Head Steamboat
Blk 90 Whampoa Drive
Whampoa Drive Food Centre


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