Qing Tian Niang Dou Fu (Popiah)

Located next to the bus interchange and above the mrt, Bedok Interchange Food Centre's constantly bustling with people and with a wide array of food, you'll be spoilt for choice. 

Touring the hawker centre I spotted popiah, and being on the quest to search for the best popiah, I jumped at the opportunity to taste it. This stall is located under the signboard of Qian Tian Niang Dou Fu so make no mistakes, it should be small signboards underneath stating a queue for popiah only or rojak and popiah!
Nigel Ate : 4/5
It's tasty but not out of this world so. The mung guang filling was too wet and though the rather thick popiah skin stayed resilient and held its content well, I would have preferred a thinner skin with a well drained filling. The taste of the crushed peanut was more evident in this one not the crunchy bits (which I'm not sure if they have it), not necessarily a bad thing but it's all about balance and I still prefer Ann Chin's popiah at Chinatown.

Qing Tian Niang Dou Fu

Blk 207 New Upper Changi Road 
#01-58 Bedok Interchange Food Centre S460207


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