Belinda's Traditional Pancakes : Best Crispy Pancake

Got a craving for something crispy and sweet? Well, you're at the right page, at the right time, looking at the best crispy pancake I've tasted so far. Tucked inside a hawker centre, it's no wonder only the regulars know it and they queue for it.

These traditional pancakes are usually eaten as a snack, but why only eat them for snack when you can eat them for breakfast? heh. Wash it down with a cup of freshly made soya milk and you've got a delicious breakfast.

  Nigel Ate : 4.7/5
The queue was perpetual with pancakes flying off their shelves, especially these crispy ones. I didn't try the normal pancakes because I heard they weren't as fantastic and paled against the crispy ones, I can understand why. They have quite a few flavours such as chocolate, peanut, red bean, cheese and peanut and cheese. The pancake had a balance of sweetness and crispiness and was chock full of peanuts. Eating it was a messy business when peanuts spilling out but when the food's that delicious, you don't really care, do you? haha.

Unfortunately I have a grudge against the red bean pancake that I tried, freshly made a-la minute because they didn't have any red bean ones, was still warm, I suppose it didn't have time to set and crisp up before reaching me so the moisture rendered it soft and wobbly. No match for the peanut one I tried first and I'll keep my impression of the peanut pancake just as it is.

Belinda's Traditional Pancake
Blk 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
#01-27 Teck Ghee Court
           +65 9684 6155      

Opening Hours : 

Tue–Fri: 6.30am – 12pm 

Sat–Sun: 6.30am – 2pm 
(Closed on Mon)
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