Boxup Sweet Treat : Surprise Chocolate Treats

Chocolates are delightful; chocolates are good for you; and chocolate are happy food. Life is like a box of chocolate, they say, you'll never know what's in store for you and in the box of chocolate that arrives at your doorstep every month. 

Being a semi chocoholic myself, I love the experience of popping pieces of chocolate into my mouth before finally knowing what's encased inside that brittle outer coating of chocolate. You'll never really know what's inside till you've tasted it. 

And here's something else to be excited about : Boxup offers to deliver a box of chocolate right to your doorstep every month for a monthly subscription of $10. There's no doubts about the chocolates, they're the real deal but the concept is what really sold me. Indeed it makes one's day to receive a box of chocolate any day, especially when you've had a rough day. These chocolates are also sourced from top chocolatiers all over the world so quality is guaranteed and you get to enjoy chocolates from the world! For $10, including delivery and packaging, it means every cent is well spent. 
So go on to Boxup for more details and 'like' their Facebook page for updates! I hope you do enjoy your chocolates as much as I did because it brought a smile onto my face each time I popped one into my mouth and go 'mmmm..'.(: 

Thank you David for the wonderful chocolates!


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