Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant : Singapore's Little Thailand

Looking for a place to satisfy your Thai food cravings? You don't have to look far, Thailand is closer to us than you think; At Golden Mile Complex, it is aptly named Little Thailand. Here, is where the Thai nationals congregate, and besides selling the familiar products back home they of course have food from home to cure their homesickness. 

We dined at Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant where its unpretentious, no frills food won my tummy. Their Pad Thai failed to impress, too sweet for my liking. On the other hand, the beef noodle had a fairly rich and flavorful stock with slices of tender meat and meatballs that had good texture.
A classic Thai dish, the Thai Prawn Cakes were lovely with a crispy breaded outside while staying moist and succulent on the inside, very gratifying.  
What's a Thai dinner without Tom Yum? We ordered the clear soup Tom Yum but, as usual, I found it too sour and spicy for my liking so no comments on this.
The Seafood Fried Rice here has fluffy and fragrant rice grains, very tempting, just the looks of it alone is enough to whet your appetite.
There were other dishes such as oyster omelette which I didn't try because I don't particularly fancy oysters.  

Overall, a pleasant dining experience with some hits and misses. I'm excited about the quality and authenticity of Thai food that we're able to obtain locally, hoping to see more of Singapore's diverse food culture! 

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

5001 Beach Road #01-67
Golden Mile Complex Singapore
Tel:             +65 6293 5101      


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