Icing Room's DIY Yule Log : Decorate And Call It Yours!

Every festive season calls for its own unique festive foods, and that includes Christmas. When I think of Christmas, thoughts of big thanksgiving family feasts will be first to come to my mind and what feast, or even a meal, is complete without desserts? I love Christmas fruitcakes, gingerbread cookies and Yule log cakes. Essentially it might just be another swiss roll but being so intricately designed with love and effort, it never fails to makes one go 'wow'.

This Christmas, you're rushing to get the presents sorted out, the Christmas tree in the house lit up and the cookies out of the oven. Where's the time for a Yule log cake? Opps. Well, you no longer have to worry, for now you can have your very own Yule log cake, once you have decorated it! The Icing Room has recently launched their DIY Yule log cake offer this Christmas. At only $18.80 a set, you can choose either a chocolate or strawberry log cake base, fully frosted. You'll be provided with a couple of different coloured jellies and buttercream to pipe your designs and a few other decorative items such as the hearts in the photo above. 
I decided to walk the minimalist route and go for a simple and elegant design instead of flooding my log cake with an array of patterns and items. There's beauty in simplicity, right? And voila, now this is Nigel's Yule log cake.(: You can choose to decorate it on the spot or bring it home, just let the person at the counter know.

To pump up the festive spirit, The Icing Room has also created a 'BEST DIY Yule log' contest on their facebook page. Participants will stand to win attractive prizes such as an iPad mini and many more! So go down to any Icing Room outlets to get your own Yule log cakes and start decorating away now! You can find out more details at The Icing Room Facebook page. Do help vote for my creation if you fancy it, thank you!

Stand a chance to win $20 worth of The Icing Room vouchers when you “Like” The Icing Room Facebook Page and vote for my entry : Click Here

*Full Disclosure : All opinions, decorations and comments are solely mine only DIY Yule log set was sponsor by The Icing Room.


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