Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant : Hainanese Pork Chops and Chicken

Everybody longs for something hot and soupy on a cold and wet rainy day, it warms the soul. Just imagine it snowing outside and there you are by the fireplace, sipping away on a mug of hot chocolate. Ahhh... And when better to have a steamboat than on days turned cold and gloomy from the bitter rain outside? 

Go for a change from the fiery and spicy Thai food at 'Little Thailand' next door to a comforting pot of steamboat at ... However, one issue I must raise is the use of drastically watered down 'stock'. So much so that it tastes like plain water and only on cooking the ingredient will the 'stock' take on some flavor finally. This mustn't be one of the critique of a good steamboat isn't it? 
The steamboat comes in a set prepared beforehand and you get the option of a $39 set or a $49 I think. We chose the $39 set which I felt was a little bit on the high side considering the amount of ingredients given.
Besides their steamboat, they are famous for their Hainanese chicken rice and Hainanese pork chop too. Which we did order as well as satay. Their chicken was wonderfully tender and packed with flavour. We ended up dumping the chicken juices to flavour our steamboat stock, just a little tip here because it works haha.
I haven't tasted a lot of Hainanese pork chop but this one's very decent, maybe above average even. A pork cutlet, thick crust, deep fried to a crisp, and topped with thick tomato sauce with a few slices of onion and peas. Old school and traditional, checked. Very little has changed over time I must say and this is how I like my old school Hainanese pork chop.
The satay was alright, nothing to shout about but something for you to much on while waiting for your steamboat to get to a boil. 

This restaurant is crowded, and have almost taken over the entire floor. Be prepared to wait during meal times and don't expect AAA rating cleanliness but enjoy your old school dinner that seeks to warm your soul and stop the clock.
Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant
Golden Mile Tower
6001 Beach Road #B1-20
Tel:             +65 6298 5891      
Opening Hours
Weekdays 10am – 10pm


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