2012's Best Posts : Downright Delicious

2012 has been a rewarding year of eating, baking and blogging but right before we cross over to 2013, let us take a look back at some of the most delicious and mouthwatering recipes and reviews from this year, shall we?

Alfero Artisan Gelato
Tucked away in a quiet corner of Macpherson's HDB estate, this is one hidden gem waiting to be discovered and savoured by those who truly seek to find the best or those who stumble upon it unexpectedly. 'Authentic' is the golden word here and with such a friendly boss around, recommending only the best at his shop, you might just be purchasing his gelato by the pints heh. Prices are absolutely reasonable and student friendly and there's also another branch at Marina Square, so head on down to try their gelato today! 

America's Test Kitchen Perfect Banana Bread Recipe
Moist and 100% banana flavour on the inside with a crackly top, this has got to be the best banana bread I've made so far. Having been trying to replicate the supermarket banana bread, I have always found mine to be losing out on the flavour score but this one is different, it has definitely got the flavour in it and is absolutely delicious. Give it a try today, you'll be a banana bread addict the next. Opps.

Obolo's 2012/2013 Patisserie Collection
Chef Mac is friendly, approachable and certainly a good baker. His macarons and cakes for the 2012/2013 Patisserie Collection was mouthwatering and very, for the lack of a better word, delicious. His macaron flavours were unique and successful, I am sure all the effort he has spent coming up for the different creations are deeply appreciate by the sweet toothed people like us, right?

Belinda's Traditional Pancakes
Walking into the hawker centre, you'll never sense that this pancake shop offers anything out of the ordinary or is famous for anything because there is seldom any queue... Until you take a closer look. They offer the one fo the best crispy pancakes and dare I say, best in Singapore. Go for the peanut one and you'll live (leave) with no regrets. Crispy, cheap and very very gratifying. Don't miss out on this must-eat pancake when you're in the vicinity of Teck Ghee!

Botan Japanese Restaurant
Go for their Kaisen Don, go for their Kaisen Don, go for their Kaisen Don. Located in Far East Square, this was a good find for their delightful Kaisen Don. If you're a sashimi lover like me, you cannot go wrong with this. Prices are reasonable here too so don't need to worry, be nice to yourself, you can only afford to live once. (:

Alrighty, that's all for year 2012! Thank you for sticking out with me through the rain and sunshine to read my  posts and photos. I hope I've been doing my part well by telling you what's nice and what's not but ultimately  you're the one to decide if it's truly delicious so keep eating and reading. May 2013 be another wonderful year of eating, baking and blogging!

God bless,


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