Top Things To Eat in Thailand : Don't Miss Out!

Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles, is one of the top choices for a short getaway to rejuvenate or shop till you drop. And if there one thing you should know before travelling to Thailand, it is not that they have cheap and good bargains to satisfy your shopping needs ; There is good food in every corner of the streets, alleys and buildings regardless of where you might be, you just have to keep a lookout for them - this is precisely why I have come up with this non-exhaustive list of top foods to try in Thailand then you can proudly declare to your peers that you've indeed travelled to Thailand because one hasn't made it to Thailand without trying their famous local dishes and snacks. 
Crispy Pancake
Yes, the crispy pancakes are a must-try. Thailand is one of the top countries, street food wise, and this is one of my favourite street foods. Encased in a wafer-thin pancake shell is a generous dollop of raw meringue and coconut shreds. Perfect for a little indulgence any time.

Red Ruby
A classic Thai dessert, this dessert boasts of crunchy chunks of water chestnuts encased in a soft and chewy starch coating sitting in a bowl of ice and sweet coconut milk. A wonderful dessert to conclude a sumptuous meal.
Mango and Sticky Rice
This one needs no further introduction. A very classic and famous Thai dessert that would pop up in one's head when you mention then words 'Thai desserts', it is one superb dessert that will find the fancy of many, especially when the Thai honey mangoes are in season. 

Claypot Prawns and Glass Noodle 
I love the simplicity of this dish and its flavours never seem to fail me. Fresh water shrimps and glass noodle cooked in a claypot, what's simpler than that? But don't be fooled, it's the sauce the glass noodle is cooked in that's the crux of this dish. It's savoury, rich and very flavoursome, it'll get you hooked and leave you wanting more. Mhmmmm.

Luk Chup
Don't be tricked into thinking these cute little miniature fruits and vegetables are for ornamental purposes, they're a local speciality and are really quite tasty! They're actually made of mung bean paste and set with clear gelatin. You can find them at Siam Paragon, road side stalls or at the food court in shopping malls. 
Tom Yum
Yet another timeless Thai dish, I personally have some reserves about it because Tom Yum is too spicy and sour for me. But YOLO (You Only Live Once) so try it when you travel to Thailand and who knows, you might grow to love it! You should know that two types of Tom Yum exist, in case you're wondering what's the difference while ordering at a local restaurant in Thailand. On one hand is the Tom Yum Khon, which, is Tom Yum with the addition of coconut milk in layman terms and on the other is Tom Yum Nam Sai is clear soup Tom Yum. That's Tom Yum, demystified.

Stewed Pork Trotter Rice
Ohhhh... I could sing a song, write a poem or dedicate a single blog post to this dish if it means I'm able to have another plate of it. Don't be fooled by its humble appearance or price tag and think that you cannot eat and feel good about it in Bangkok on a shoestring budget. This dish blew me away for a mere 55 baht ($2+). Simmering away in a pot of savoury, umami packed gravy, the pork trotter was so soft and tender. The intestine was an add-on for 10 baht only! I would make a return to Bangkok for this in a heartbeat. 
Stir Fried Minced Pork with Chilli and Basil Leaf
Stir fried minced pork with chilli and basil leaf is my all time favourite Thai dish, I would never fail to order this when I go to Thailand. This dish is packed with a fiery punch from the hot chilli and very flavoursome indeed. This coupled with a fried egg and rice, makes for a satisfying lunch anytime.

Suckling Pig
Take a trip down to the local Chinatown (Ya Wa Rat) area in Bangkok and have a taste of the best suckling pig. I know, it is readily available in Singapore too but with the cheaper price tag - and the ticket to indulge more - who's complaining? I had the best dinner at Tang Jai Yoo (85-87 Soi Yaowaphanit, Yaowarat Rd., Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100 Thailand), their seafood is amazing too, and strongly encourage you to try it yourself while you're touring the city of Bangkok.

Green Mango
They're great for salads or snacking. Green mangoes are easily spotted being sold at the road side stalls. Do go for those in kept in a container with ice. I find green mango taste best cold and it's more hygienic when kept in an enclosed area.


BlogDaz said...

You got my favourite there "Pad Krapow", but I like it with chicken. I think it's worth suggesting Nam Tok with sticky rice, absolutely mouth watering.

nigeleats said...

hi BlogDaz, ah okay, I've yet to try Nam Tok with stick rice, I'll let you know how it goes when I've tried it!

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