Bake For Chinese New Year : 5 Easy Goodies

In a couple of weeks' time and Chinese New Year would have dawned upon us and I'm really looking forward to it. It's not just about the holidays, the new additions in the wardrobe or the relatives that you visit once a year but the new year goodies and feasts! Homes would be stocking up the dry goods and new year necessities now so don't miss out on new year's baking! 

I was scouring the Internet for new year's baking and found it pretty challenging to find a list of things to try out especially if you're keen on doing so for the first time. Fret not, I'm here to help!

Pineapple Tarts
This is symbolic of Chinese New Year and are seen in almost every, if not all, household during the festive period. Buttery, sweet and a little sourish, these are so morish, you would have popped few into your mouth without much awareness by now. A definite must-try on every baker's list this festive period!
(Photo Credit : Dodol & Mochi)

Peanut Cookies
Peanuts might not appeal to all but this is yet another common and mouthwatering festive cookie which bakers should put their hand into trying if they keen. Your friends and relatives will thank you for it, also try it for yourself, you might just fall in love with peanuts after this.(:
(Photo Credit : Nasi Lemak Lover)

Crispy Almond Butter Cookies 
Look at the photo, don't the cookies look so crunchy and buttery. This is one of the top things on my baking list this coming New Year so try it out yourself too if you're keen!
(Photo Credit : My Sweet Hut)

Cornflake Cookies (Honey Joy)
I've tried making this various times myself and I can assure you that this is quick, simple but very delicious! In no time at all you'll have a few containers full of this. Why waste the time and money to go out looking for this when you can make this yourself?
(Photo Credit : Singapore Shiok!)

Sugee Cake
This is a traditional Eurasian cake that usually appears during festive periods such as Chinese New Year. I haven't tasted it before and so am very keen on baking it myself. I'll let you know how it goes at a later time, but you can definitely try baking it for yourself and let me know! 

Have a great time baking up these treats and let me know if you have any must try recipes! 

God bless. 


Pei-Lin said...

Hi, Nigel!

First up, sorry about the late reply. And thanks for the encouraging words. =)

I now don't have a photo of the dough (no, it won't be batterlike, so no worries). But I can try share one with you in about a week's time, when I make these peanut cookies again for the Lunar New Year. Do you mind waiting?

But what I can tell you is the dough won't be sticky and wet, but greasy (obviously due to the oil used). You can stop stirring in oil once every bit has come together nicely--no falling apart, you can pinch the dough together easily and form into small spherical portions. If the dough gets too much oil, and hence a stickier dough, the cookies will probably turn out much flatter after baking.

The above notion applies to many Lunar New Year cookies like almond cookies and green-pea cookies. =)

Hope these help! Lemme know if you have other doubts and concerns.

-- Pei-Lin

P.S. Thanks for the photo shout-out.

nigeleats said...

Hi Pei Lin,

Thank you for the wonderful reply. I think I have a rough idea of what the final dough should be like already. Haha I'm too excited to wait any longer, might make a batch this coming tuesday first. (: I'll let you know if I fail or succeed! -fingers crossed- Thanks again!

God bless,

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