Top 5 Eats In London : Delicious & Delectable!

Fish & Chips
This is an old british classic and is probably so well known that an introduction is unnecessary. A fillet of the fish of your choice and hand cut chips, both deep fried to a crisp, what could be simpler and more comforting? The Brits don't season their batter so you'll have to give a good squeeze of malt vinegar and a few good shakes of salt and pepper like they do, or you'll start complaining that the fish & chips taste bland!

Recommended : Golden Union Fish Bar, 38 Poland Street Soho, London ; Sea Shell Restaurant 49-51 Lisson Grove, London.
With the most famous macaron stores, Laduree and Pierre Herme, having outlets in London, what's there to hesitate when you can't get them in Singapore and you don't have to go the extra miles to Paris to get them. They're worth every effort to locate them, all you need is a bite and you'll be sold, I promise. Note : I much prefer Laduree's macarons over Pierre Herme's though! 
Chorizo Bun
The day before heading to Borough Market, I made the effort to checked the place up online and was duly rewarded for doing so. I was processing through the pictures and words when I picked up the words 'Chorizo Bun' and knew I had to taste it. I practically made this my mission and hunted it down even though I didn't mange to find it initially and was thoroughly disappointed but managed to spot it just as we were about to leave the place. The setup was simple : a crispy bun sandwiching rocket, a grilled capsicum and a pan fried chorizo. The taste? Superb. Pan frying the chorizo released all its flavour and the bun is just the right tool to soak up the flavourful oil. 
Pierre Herme's Desserts
Life is not the same anymore after tasting Pierre Herme's desserts. Touted as the Picasso of the pastry world, his every dessert is a masterpiece, this I concur. I had the Vanilla Tart and it was sublime. No mastication was require, every forkful just melted away on my tongue. Mmmm... definitely must try!
I am Asian and I need rice or noodles. You can wax lyrical all day about al dente pastas, super thin crusted piazzas, creamy risotto or tender, well marbled steaks and roasted potatoes but you know you're Asian when the craving for rice or noodles hits you hard on the 3rd or 4th day. We were so glad and thankful for some delicious Asian food in a land or potatoes and fish and chips. Wagamama is the place to go to satisfy your craving for some Asian dishes, I highly recommend their yakisoba! 


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