Sugar & Spice Nougat : Premier Handmade Nougats Air Flown from Taiwan!

It's slightly chewy, milky, sweet and laced with chunks of roasted almond. It's air flown, made with love and handcrafted. Does it appeal to you? If it does, you would probably enjoy Sugar & Spice's nougat which are, made with french milk powder, butter and specially chosen roasted California almonds and, delightfully chewy. 

I am one who enjoys nougat, hard crunchy nougat I mean; I've tried the soft ones before and they were either too soft or cloying sweet. But this was different, it was chewy but not that soft till it yielded a simple bite. As it dissolves on your tongue, the taste of fresh diary is evident and this is complemented by the crunchy and fragrant almonds in every few bites. This particular nougat appears to be very popular in Taiwan amd is air flown here when you purchase it so you can be assured of its freshness. It changed my impression of soft nougat and perhaps it'll make you a convert too. Do try it and let me know!

 *Note : Nougats were sponsored but all opinions and views are honest and solely mine.

Special thanks to Hsien Yun for the nougats


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