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It was Good Friday and a bunch of us were out to celebrate my friend's birthday. Excitement filled me when we decided to have dinner at Marché at 313@ Somerset - it was my frist time eating at Marché!

Rosti w Chicken Sausage

Had heard that Marché was famous for their rosti. And the first dish that reached our table was my friend's rosti with chicken cheese sausage which picked to compliment his rosti. Tasted the rosti and the sausage, thought the rosti was average while the sausage was pretty juicy and cheese filled.

Crispy Pork Knuckle

The pork knuckle, that came next, failed to impress as well. The meaty was chewy and too gamey, in my opinion. And i think its a dish meant to be shared as it got a little cloying for my friend towards the end.

Grilled Salmon Fillet

The grilled salmon fillet was done pretty decently. Though a simple dish, it would definitely satisfy anyone's salmon craving. The only issue i felt was that the salmon was a little overpriced at $17.50 nonetheless, it would be still a great dish to have while you're over at Marché.

Margarita Pizza with Mozzarella

Ordered a large margarita pizza with mozzarella as i thought everyone would love a cheesy pizza. It turned out to be a disappointment with too little cheese, though they were very generous with their tomato slices and the crust was pretty good.

Savoury Crepe wrapped with roasted chicken

A right choice was finally made with my friend's order of the savoury crepe. It was wrapped with a generous amount of filling and the plain-looking crepe surprised me to be really good. Its definitely a must-try while you're over at Marché!

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

The word 'dessert' will never fail to send shivers of excitement down any sweet tooths' spine. Concluded my dinner on a satisfying note with a scoop of Mövenpick's maple walnut ice cream at a friend's recommendation. Every spoonful of it elicited a satisfying 'ummm...' from me. Though happiness didn't came cheap - $5.40 a scoop - i truly enjoyed every spoon of indulgence.

It was a unique first-time experience at Marché, the atmosphere and decors were brillant. Though there were a number of apparently to die for dishes that I did not eat and I heard the outlet over at Vivocity is better, i would say Marché is a pretty good place to eat at once in awhile.


313 Orchard Road
#01-39/46 313 @ Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6834 4041

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 11pm


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