Sweet Spring : Taiwanese Delights

Craving for desserts and Taiwanese delights? You just might wanna stop by Sweet Spring.

One of the brands under Fish & Co, Sweet Spring's like the eastern counterpart of Fish & Co serving up chinese (taiwanese) desserts and dishes. They are known for their desserts, especially snow ice, but offer mains, sides and dim sum as well so that you can have a complete meal.
Curried beef cubes over steaming hot white rice, the Beef Cube Steam Rice makes a warm, hearty meal. The curry is a little on the dry side and its spiciness is only minimal.
The Minced Meat Steamed Rice has bits of egg yolks, salted egg yolks and salted fish incorporated into it, imparting flavour and the saltiness it needs. I like it as the minced meat isn't dry and goes well with the rice but felt that it could be a little leaner.
Fish lovers can try the Spicy Fish Steamed Rice as it's pretty good in my opinion. Though the moisture from the steam has caused the fried crust of the fish fillet to turn soggy, the tangy, spicy chilli sauce on top of the fish compliments the fish and the rice well.
Not in the mood for rice? Go for noodles then. Their Stewed Pork Noodles is served up with a nice, flavourful broth and meaty chunks of pork. Gratifying.
Moving away from the main courses, you can order the Crispy Chicken Bites for a side snack. Tender and crispy, I felt the batter was too thick causing the taste of flour to be too distinct and could have been a little less oily.
A meal cannot be said to be completed without desserts; Desserts are a must. So go ahead and save some space in your stomach for their desserts. I would reccomend their orh nee if you're a fan of yam like me. Nothing extraordinary, just good old Yam Paste With Pumpkin & Gingko Nuts.
Or a healthy alternative and a protein packed dessert would be their one of their signature desserts here - Tau Huay aka Soya Beancurd. Presented in a cool little miniature wooden bucket, the soya beancurd is for 2 pax and it's Do-It-Yourself kind. Scoop anyway you like and add their sugar syrup to your preference. Their tau huay is silky smooth and very delicated indeed, very nice.
Presenting to you... Their bestseller - Mango & Strawberry Snow Ice. Snow Ice is a well known Taiwanese desserts normally available during summer where its icy, fruity goodness is highly appreciated. Here, they do make very similar snow ice as the ones in Taiwan and it's very delicious and good for cooling off in this hot tropical weather indeed. Unlike our local Ice Kachang, Snow Ice is flavoured shaved ice and has milk in it so it raises the dessert up another level.

In the background is Lychee Snow Ice where we tried and unanimously agreed that the Mango & Strawberry Snow Ice is still our favourite. You can order them separately or half-half and have the best of both worlds like the one in the photo.

In conclusion, I would recommend you trying out their speciality and bestseller - Mango & Strawberry Snow Ice - if you pop by Sweet Spring for desserts or a meal. You'll love it.

Thank you Xue Li from Fish & Co and Sweet Spring for the invite!

Update 8/9/2012 : This store is now closed at NEX

Recommended Eats At Greenwich V

Wondering what's delicious and satisfying at Greenwich V and looking for an answer? Look no more.

After exploring the grounds of Greenwich V and tasting a couple of foods from different stores, I present this recommendation list of food to eat at Greenwich V to you. 

First up, at the Empire State Restaurant, their signature Empire State burger. A big burger, created to satisfy anyone's burger craving, it features a thick, succulent beef patty, flavourful strips of bacon and a whole lot of fries. This burger will surely satiate the burger monster in you. Alternatively, you can ask for a change from beef to chicken if you can't take beef for any particular reasons I think.
Next up, Smoked Duck Salad With Citrus Dressing at BBQ Chicken. Tender and juicy smoked duck paired with vegetable and a citrusy dressing, this appetizer will certainly rev up your appetite.
Let's not forget about the Hot Hot Drums too shall we? These red fiery looking drumsticks do live up to their name; Mixed their own special hot and spicy recipe from Korea, they pack a punch. Be warned, the courageous, the hot sauce will leave a burning sensation on your lips. However, do try it if you are up to the challenge because the crispness of the drumsticks are retained even with the generous coating of hot sauce on the outside. Delicious.
Moving on, we have frozen yogurt - the healthier alternative to your junk food snacks and a favourite amongst many. Berrylite has up to 50 flavors of yoghurt for your selection that they rotate fortnightly! We tasted 5 out of the 50 : Irish Mint, Red Velvet, Cookie n Creme, Strawberry, Original. 

Don't hesitate, I would say, if you're a fan of mint and is thinking of getting a cup of Irish mint yogurt; It's nice, you'll like it. 

I'll recommend the strawberry flavor if you like all things strawberry or is craving for something different but go ahead and stick to the original if you prefer your yogurt a little sourish.

That's all for now as Greenwich V have yet to fully open up still. I'll be back to try out mooshi bakes, a sister store by Awfully Chocolate and Quiznos!

Happy 17th Birthday : I'm Blessed To Bless

I felt so loved and thankful.

Happy 17th birthday! To myself haha. This is a belated post I must admit, my birthday was 3 days back. 

I thank God for the innumerable blessings that He has placed in my life - my family, friends and others around me. I thank God for the miracles He had done in my life and being an everlasting, faithful God who never changes. 

To my family, thank you for the love and guidance you have showered me with.(:

To my friends, thank you for the love - the cake,card and balloon - and for remembering my birthday.(:
To my classmates, thank you for the effort to write me card with all of your well wishes and for the cake as well.(:

And I thank you for You, Jesus.((:

God bless.

Greenwich V Eateries : Nuts, Toast And Everything Delicious

(Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)

I mentioned in my previous post that I visited Greenwich V last weekend to attend 'The Greenwich V Experience' event and there are 3 shops in particular that I would like to share with you all. They are, namely : Nuts & Nibbles, Toast Box and Paradise Inn. 

Nuts & Nibbles has been around for awhile now, they have several other outlets at different malls and yes, they specialise in the sale of nuts. I wouldn't say all but you are likely to find all the common types of nuts available in the market here if you ever need to satisfy the squirrel/hamster in you.(: Nuts are great health food to snack on if you're feeling a little hungry in between meal times because they are highly nutritious but be sure to limit your intake because they are pretty high in calories as well.
It was my first time trying Paradise Inn's dishes last weekend and I tasted dishes such as their Salted Egg Yolk Prawns, Supreme Fried Rice and others. Their Supreme Fried Rice deserves a special mention. It indefinitely a bowl of seafood fried rice and it wasn't as fragrant as it looked, to be honest but I like the unexpected addition of fish roe. It certainly help to provide some form of crunch.
(Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)

 Last but not least, we have Toast Box. Toast Box, a name that will not be foreign to many and especially so when they serve up food that are close to our hearts - chicken curry, laksa, kaya toast and many others. Their curry chicken is one of their signature dishes and is on the slightly sweeter and creamier side so non-spicy eaters you can dig in without any worries. Another of their signature dish is the peanut butter thick toast. Toasted and lightly buttered before slathering on a thick layer of creamy and chucky peanut butter, the glossy, melty peanut butter will be too hard to resist!

Well, that's all for this post. I'll be posting up another post on the recommended foods to try out at Greenwich V soon, so stay tuned!(:

Greenwich V @ Yio Chu Kang - Seletar : Omy.sg 'The Greenwich V Experience'

Nestled in the corners of Yio Chu Kang and Seletar, Greenwich V aims to provide convenience to residents in the vicinity and a place for dining or just to while away your time.

Greenwich V, pronounced as gran-niche V not green-witch V, is a newly built and very recently opened mall near my place and I had the privilege taking part in 'The Greenwich V Experience' in the form of an amazing race as my first visit there last Saturday afternoon. Organised by omy.sg and sponsored by the Far East Organisation and several participating outlets at the mall, there were a grand total of 15 bloggers and 3 teams. We gathered at the Empire State Restaurant as our first stop.
Dressed in green for easy identification purposes, we were called the 'Village', the green team. We started off once all the bloggers have arrived and the sole purpose of this amazing race was for us to have fun exploring new grounds - eateries, language centers and medical stores.

We started off with a most wonderful lunch sponsored by Empire State Restaurant, serving up their signature Empire State Burger to us that was bigger than our faces and consisted of a big thick slice of juicy, beef patty. We loved this burger to bits; everything was right from the cheese, strips of bacon, the hamburger bun and most definitely the patty. We also had spaghetti and pizza; what a full-filling first stop!

This amazing race, for safety purposes, wasn't about speed and time but we had a time limit to guess 10 clues which will bring us to our next stop/shop and we would have to complete a task there. At the end of the race, we were to upload a photo from each shop that best represents the shop and come up with a well thought caption with it.

'Village' Team : (clockwise) Me, William, Rachell, Claire, Ai (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)

Let's not bore each other with the details but rather let the photos do their 'a picture a thousand words' role, shall we?
One burger to rule them all! (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
      Packed and ready to whack. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
As hot as the Wonder Girls. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
吃醋有好处! (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Colour your world with good english. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Be spoilt for choice. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Rise above the dirt, sweat and ashes. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
All the goodness without the fat. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Nuts for the hamsters at heart. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
When it comes to good food, some things are worth fighting for. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Never lose your heritage. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)

Well, there you have it! 11 shops, 11 photos, 11 captions, 3 teams of winners. Yes we won 1st place but all 3 teams were winners! We enjoyed the good food, learned about products and services and all 3 teams walked away with goodie bags, and vouchers to spend at Greenwich V because of the generosity of Far East Organisation.(: 

'The Greenwich V Experience' was a one of a kind experience where I indeed had fun getting to know other bloggers, learn more about this new mall near me that I'll be visiting in the coming days again and everyone walked away a winner at the end of the day.

 Thank you omy.sg for this fun and fulfilling day at Greenwich V, Far East Organisation, the various participating outlets for their time and our gamemaster Alvin for being a nice and friendly guy, coordinating this event!    

Roming Italy : Rome (Day 2 & 3)

Sorry for the long pause after writing on Milan in Day 1. The morning of Day 2, we moved on from Milan to Rome via rail on the Trenitalia train.
Beautiful sceneries - green pastures, herds of sheep, horses, farms - flashed by as we sped towards our destination.
 It was late afternoon by the time we got to Rome and when we were out on the streets of Rome, it was dusk already. It was so beautiful as the rustic looking buildings and street lamps stood under the pale yellow sky, I was mesmerized.
We wandered into the Pantheon as we roamed the streets of Rome. The intricately designed dome in the interior of the Pantheon was stunning.
We visited the Trevi fountain.
And walked to another fountain where there was a mini pasar malam kind of set up around it.
On the 3rd day, we moved into Hotel Lodi which is a a budget hotel in the neighbourhood of Rome but has a very ncie owner and kind staff. Pretty spacious rooms, clean and internet access is provided!
 It was decided that our mission on the 3rd day was to explore Vatican city before moving on to the other major tourist attractions in Rome. So, off we bus-ed to Vatican city.

Once we reached Vatican city, we got off and drank from their 'water cooler' there! Yes, it's for drinking and that's how you drink.(:
Our first stop at Vatican city was St. Peter's Cathedral before which, we had to get to St. Peter's Sqaure first.
St. Peter's Cathedral's huge and so intricately designed. Imagine the painstaking hours, effort and manpower need to construct all that.
However cold it may be, while you're getting to the Vatican Museum, remember to look out for the Old Bridge Gelateria at the side of the road! My first cone of gelato in Italy and it certainly left an impression on me.
The Gallery of Maps (last picture) was definietly the highlight of the trip at the Vatican Museum; 40 maps frescoed on the walls and a celling with beautiful paintings was beyond impressive. 

This post is day 2 & 3 of my Italy trip. 7 more days to come, so sit tight and stay tuned!

God bless.
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