Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ East Coast Park

Mr Food is never left out at any gatherings; Singaporeans love to eat, and even more so over when meeting up with friends. My family and extended family celebrated Father's Day with a dinner at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, and we decided to go to the ever so packed East Coast's branch since we haven't been there for awhile.

I'm sure the Chilli Crab are no stranger to anyone of you now. Famed for being uniquely singapore's, the Jumbo's one has become a familiar taste to my palate after eating at Jumbo for a number of years and never failing to order it everytime we visit Jumbo. The crabs we got this time round was big and fleshy, very satisfying indeed.

In addition to the Chilli Crab, we also ordered Black Pepper Crab this time round but I didn't really got the chance to savour it. Had it somewhere else the other time but my preference is still Chilli Crab; I find the black pepper taste too overwhelming all the time, and the spiciness hinders you from enjoying the crabs.
The Fried Baby Squids are a fantastic starter, if you're looking for something sweet and crunchy, I would say. Gives your mouth a good warm up before the feast haha.
The Stir Fry Fish Slices with Ginger and Spring Onion was comparable to the tze char stalls. The fish slices were smooth and moist, de-li-cious with a steaming bowl of rice.
I can't remember what these prawns were fried with but I'm guess cereal prawns. A little too greasy for my liking, though the prawns were fresh and crunchy.
If you're a fan of Mee Goreng then try Jumbo's. Theirs come with generous amount of seafood : fish slices, prawns and plump, juicy scallops. Very fulfilling indeed, worth paying for.
This was something new for me as my family never did ordered the pork ribs. This is Wok-fried Pork Ribs with Special Sauce or, you might be more familiar with this, Pai Gu Wang. I loved this. Chewing on thick slices of meat, coating with some sweet and sticky sauce is one of the joys of life. If I were to nitpick, these pork ribs could be a little more tender.

That was my family's Fathers' Day dinner feast, what about yours? What did your family eat on Fathers' Day?


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