MYMCA World Play Day 2012

My favourite shot of the day.

MYMCA World Play Day's theme for this year was 'Down Memory Lane', featuring past, present and future games to accommodate the young and old and to create a time for some family bonding!

It was the start of June holidays - or so they say, study break for JC-ians - and I woke up feeling a little grumpy that I have to travel all the way to Kallang Leisure Mall to cover for MYMCA World Play Day for my photographic club. So with not much expectation and a little part of me brooding over the thought that I could have a quieter and lazier Saturday, I got there... a little late heh.

However, to cut a long story short, I saw and experienced the simplicity of joy. The games planned for the young old were neither sophisticated or elaborate in either ways yet it brought hours of joy and thousands of smiles to the faces of many. I was amazed and thankful that I went for this event and had the opportunity to be a photographer there because it just means that I have to keep an eye out for details and to observe my surroundings more carefully in order to acquire better photos.

Below are the other shots that I personally like out of all the shots I took and edited of the event, you can view the other photos on my facebook album.(: 


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