Chef Lin's All-Star Lemon Meringue Pie : Discover Your Love For Lemon Curd!

Sweet, tangy and creamy, there's something about lemon curd that gets to me. I love lemon curd, pour it into buttery tart shell and I'm yours. Okay, maybe not hahaha. I'm worth more than a lemon curd tart definitely but you get my point.

I never knew my love for lemon curd tarts and I would be swooning over it after tasting Chef Lin's at a baking lesson at ToTT, courtesy of ToTT. It's a pretty straightforward and simple recipe, and I ditto with Chef Lin that serving them in bite size portions, as seen in the photo, is indeed better because you get just the right amount of lemon curd. Good things does come in small packages eh?(: 
I tested out the recipe myself a couple of weeks later and the tart shell came out exactly the way I have tasted it - buttery and crumbly - just not as thin because I haven't got the hang of handling the pastry dough yet. I hope you would grow to love lemon curd tarts as much as I do after trying out the recipes! 

Chef Lin's All Star Lemon Meringue Pie
Tart Shell Dough
80g Icing Sugar
100g Cake Flour
100g Bread Flour             
80g Cold Butter, Diced
1 Whole Egg
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Lemon Curd
100ml Lemon Juice
45g Sugar
200g Whole Egg
45g Sugar
7g Corn Flour
165g Unsalted Butter, Room Temperature
Cream, as needed

100g Sugar
100g Egg White

1.       Prepare the workstation.
2.       Scale the ingredients.
3.       Prepare the Tart Shell Dough:
          - Mix icing sugar, cake flour, bread flour together.
          - Cut cold butter into the flour mixture.
          - Work the mixture between the palms to achieve a mealy texture.
          - Add egg and vanilla extract and mix until mixture becomes a ball.
4.       Cover with cling film and keep in chiller for minimum 20mins.
5.       Prepare lemon curd:
          - Mix together 45g sugar and corn flour before adding to eggs. Mix well.
          - Bring lemon juice and 45g sugar to boil.
          - Temper 1/3 of the lemon juice with the egg mixture.
          - Bring the mixture back to the pot and cook like a custard.
          - Mix in butter till fully combined.
          - Leave to cool down in chiller.
          - Add in cream just before assembling.
6.       Roll out the dough to desired thickness (2mm).
7.       Mould into tartlet mould.
8.       Bake in oven at 180⁰C until golden brown, about 20mins.
9.       Transfer to grill and cool completely.
10.     Fill with lemon curd and top with meringue.
11.     Serve immediately.

Thanks to ToTT for the opportunity to attend Chef Lin's class!


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