OsteoSoy Tau Huay : Enriched Beancurd

Sorry to have kept you guys waiting so long for the next installment of my recipe on OsteoSoy and OsteoMilk! I'm back in action and today I bring to you, the Lao ban tau huay recipe! To be honest, now that I've tasted both Lao ban (after what seem like eternity) and 51 bean curd, I would go for the one with a short queue because they taste the same. At least to me, they do. 

This tau huay recipe yields tau huay very similar to what you would get form the original store so if you're in the mood to make some tau huay and surprise your family and friend, now you can! This is not only delicious but has added calcium from the OsteoSoy that I substituted with one of the soya bean powder in the original recipe, so you can have stronger bones from eating this tau huay.

Best Chilled Beancurd Pudding Recipe
(Adapted from MissTamChiak)

To make Soya Milk (6 regular bowls):
120g of 'Polleney' Soya Bean Milk Powder
60g of 'Unisoy' Soya Bean Milk Powder (Replace with 2 sachet of 26g OsteoSoy)
1400ml of water

Stir everything together.

To make beancurd pudding:
1400ml of soya milk
60g of 'Nestle' 'Coffeemate' coffee creamer
60g of sugar to taste(not required if using carton-ed Soya Bean Milk)
28g of Phoon Huat's instant jelly powder (note: if the pudding is still too watery, increase it to 30-32g)

1. Heat the soya milk in low heat till its hot. DO NOT BOIL.
2. Stir in coffee creamer till it is fully dissolved.
3. Stir in sugar till it is fully dissolved.
4. Stir in instant jelly powder till it is fully dissolved.
5. Sieve out the bubbles.
6. Allow to cool down for 5 minutes
7. Put in fridge for overnight. Enjoy!


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