Dilmah High Tea Challenge : Bringing 'Tea' Back Into High Tea!

It's late in the afternoon, feeling a little hungry yet not ravenous. What do you do? Have high tea of course! A perfect time for a little indulgence and talk time with your close ones. With the attractive high tea sets offered all over Singapore, it's hard not to notice that high tea have gained popularity amongst Singaporean these days. 
Yes, with all the nice petite size delights, we have forgotten about the tea in high tea... Haven't we? The focus of high tea have shifted to the food now and the tea have taken a backseat.  Well, this is what the High Tea challenge by Dilmah seeks to restore. Held annually, this prestigious challenge would test the skills of culinary teams and their creativity. The purpose of the challenge is clear :  to emphasize the original purpose to high tea, the tea! And the challenge is simple : teams must pair different Dilmah teas with different high team food items and present their high tea sets to a team of judges.
The High Tea Challenge was definitely an eye opener and I was honoured to be invited to this event to witness the different teams presenting their high tea sets. It's certainly a challenge to pair the various teas and it only comes through hardwork, experience and talent, no less. Now... for me to consider trying some of the tea-inspired recipes! 

Thanks to Vibe Communication for the invitation!


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