Greenwich V @ Yio Chu Kang - Seletar : 'The Greenwich V Experience'

Nestled in the corners of Yio Chu Kang and Seletar, Greenwich V aims to provide convenience to residents in the vicinity and a place for dining or just to while away your time.

Greenwich V, pronounced as gran-niche V not green-witch V, is a newly built and very recently opened mall near my place and I had the privilege taking part in 'The Greenwich V Experience' in the form of an amazing race as my first visit there last Saturday afternoon. Organised by and sponsored by the Far East Organisation and several participating outlets at the mall, there were a grand total of 15 bloggers and 3 teams. We gathered at the Empire State Restaurant as our first stop.
Dressed in green for easy identification purposes, we were called the 'Village', the green team. We started off once all the bloggers have arrived and the sole purpose of this amazing race was for us to have fun exploring new grounds - eateries, language centers and medical stores.

We started off with a most wonderful lunch sponsored by Empire State Restaurant, serving up their signature Empire State Burger to us that was bigger than our faces and consisted of a big thick slice of juicy, beef patty. We loved this burger to bits; everything was right from the cheese, strips of bacon, the hamburger bun and most definitely the patty. We also had spaghetti and pizza; what a full-filling first stop!

This amazing race, for safety purposes, wasn't about speed and time but we had a time limit to guess 10 clues which will bring us to our next stop/shop and we would have to complete a task there. At the end of the race, we were to upload a photo from each shop that best represents the shop and come up with a well thought caption with it.

'Village' Team : (clockwise) Me, William, Rachell, Claire, Ai (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)

Let's not bore each other with the details but rather let the photos do their 'a picture a thousand words' role, shall we?
One burger to rule them all! (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
      Packed and ready to whack. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
As hot as the Wonder Girls. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
吃醋有好处! (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Colour your world with good english. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Be spoilt for choice. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Rise above the dirt, sweat and ashes. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
All the goodness without the fat. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Nuts for the hamsters at heart. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
When it comes to good food, some things are worth fighting for. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)
Never lose your heritage. (Photo Credit: PXDKITTY)

Well, there you have it! 11 shops, 11 photos, 11 captions, 3 teams of winners. Yes we won 1st place but all 3 teams were winners! We enjoyed the good food, learned about products and services and all 3 teams walked away with goodie bags, and vouchers to spend at Greenwich V because of the generosity of Far East Organisation.(: 

'The Greenwich V Experience' was a one of a kind experience where I indeed had fun getting to know other bloggers, learn more about this new mall near me that I'll be visiting in the coming days again and everyone walked away a winner at the end of the day.

 Thank you for this fun and fulfilling day at Greenwich V, Far East Organisation, the various participating outlets for their time and our gamemaster Alvin for being a nice and friendly guy, coordinating this event!    


Ai Sakura said...

Great to have been team mates with you :)
All the best in your studies and blogging endeavours!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

nigeleats said...

Thank you! It was great teamwork and effort from all of you guys. :D All the best for your blogging and other endeavours!(:

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