Roming Italy : Rome (Day 2 & 3)

Sorry for the long pause after writing on Milan in Day 1. The morning of Day 2, we moved on from Milan to Rome via rail on the Trenitalia train.
Beautiful sceneries - green pastures, herds of sheep, horses, farms - flashed by as we sped towards our destination.
 It was late afternoon by the time we got to Rome and when we were out on the streets of Rome, it was dusk already. It was so beautiful as the rustic looking buildings and street lamps stood under the pale yellow sky, I was mesmerized.
We wandered into the Pantheon as we roamed the streets of Rome. The intricately designed dome in the interior of the Pantheon was stunning.
We visited the Trevi fountain.
And walked to another fountain where there was a mini pasar malam kind of set up around it.
On the 3rd day, we moved into Hotel Lodi which is a a budget hotel in the neighbourhood of Rome but has a very ncie owner and kind staff. Pretty spacious rooms, clean and internet access is provided!
 It was decided that our mission on the 3rd day was to explore Vatican city before moving on to the other major tourist attractions in Rome. So, off we bus-ed to Vatican city.

Once we reached Vatican city, we got off and drank from their 'water cooler' there! Yes, it's for drinking and that's how you drink.(:
Our first stop at Vatican city was St. Peter's Cathedral before which, we had to get to St. Peter's Sqaure first.
St. Peter's Cathedral's huge and so intricately designed. Imagine the painstaking hours, effort and manpower need to construct all that.
However cold it may be, while you're getting to the Vatican Museum, remember to look out for the Old Bridge Gelateria at the side of the road! My first cone of gelato in Italy and it certainly left an impression on me.
The Gallery of Maps (last picture) was definietly the highlight of the trip at the Vatican Museum; 40 maps frescoed on the walls and a celling with beautiful paintings was beyond impressive. 

This post is day 2 & 3 of my Italy trip. 7 more days to come, so sit tight and stay tuned!

God bless.


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