Cedele @ Wheelock

Nigel Ate : 3.75/5
Who says healthy food is yucky food?

In this age where many have put health above all, more and more Singaporeans are willing to shell out for wholesome meals. This change in diet is good not only because it means we're getting our daily nutrients without supplements, it has also brought about the opening and sustaining of more eateries offering wholesome foods such as Cedele.  

Lunch at Cedele was a delight with such tasty yet guiltless choices. One advice I would give, while you're dining here, is to not over-order especially when it's your first time as the portions are pretty big and hearty. 

I started off with a Moroccan Spiced Carrot soup which was a lot bigger than I've expected since it was an add-on to my main course, supposedly to a small soup. Slightly viscous and creamy, the Moroccan spices were very evidently present, maybe a little overwhelming. 

Given quite an extensive menu, my friend and I had a hard time deciding our main courses. I chose Paprika Curry Chicken while he ordered Red Seafood pasta in the end. 
Nigel Ate : 4.25/5
Slightly spicy, full bodied and satisfying, this curry was so tasty even without the addition of coconut milk; It will satiate your curry cravings. The pieces of chicken were also cooked to tender goodness. 
Nigel Ate : 4/5
I had a little taste of my friend's pasta too and it was delicious too with freshly made tomato sauce, pasta cooked al dente and generous amount of ingredients; Such a simple, gold old bowl of hearty pasta. 

Given the many choices at Cedele, and I've only tried 2, I'll be back for their all-day breakfast or other main courses soon! 

So tell me, what's your favorite dish over at Cedele that is a must-try?

Cedele @ Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

Tel: +65 6732 8520
Hours: Mon - Sun/Public Holidays: 10.00am to 10.00pm 
Web: http://www.cedeledepot.com


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