DayPlus Buns: Your One Stop Convenient Japanese Bun

Does the packaging looks familiar or you vaguely recall yourself eating it? Yes? No? Yes, I wouldn't say it's absolutely wrong to assume that most already know about this bun or rather, seen it and, even tasted it. If you didn't already know it is made in Singapore, a local product!

This isn't my first time trying them but I had the opportunity to try two within a day. Okay, I love breads, don't you?
The wholemeal bun is a little firmer in texture, though it's still soft and fluffy, probably because of the addition of wholemeal flour. I didn't enjoy this red bean flavour as much, because I was expecting a red bean paste-like filling but the filling is more like mushy whole red beans that still hold their shape and, there was too little filling so I couldn't really taste it.  
The purple potato paste bun was much better; The bun was cotton-like soft and fluffy while the filling tasted really like purple potatoes themselves though it lacked the texture, the filling existed in a gel like paste and it was a little too sweet for me.

To to able to get a bun at around a dollar from a convenient store near to you, I say they're worth it. Also, I have yet to try their other flavours - they do have up to 12 and more flavours for your selection - but I will soon! They are available at most local 7-Eleven stores or mini marts.

Do get their wholemeal buns if you like your buns slightly chewier, or the normal bun if you love soft buns.

Have you tried these buns before, which flavour is your favourite and which those you would recommend? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thank you!


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